chapter thirteen ; i am the sick boy

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january. 2010

Finn got out of his car and saw Millie smoking a cigarette in the near distance. He looked around and took a few deep breaths. They were outside of an old and abandoned laundromat. It was the place where Dom's meth lab was and it was the place they'd be working.

The curly haired boy pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and slowly began to approach the brunette girl. Millie noticed the boy very quickly. She smiled and tossed her cigarette to the side. 

"I hope this place looks nicer on the inside than it does on the outside." She joked with a chuckle. Finn giggled slightly and flashed a smile.

He couldn't hide it any longer. 

He liked Millie. It was that simple. She was extroardinarily different than any other girl or boy he'd ever went out with. Plus, she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen in his life. He thought about her literally all the time. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get that stupid girl off his mind. 

However, he knew he could never be with her. If they started a romantic relationship, their working relationship would suffer and he couldn't afford that.

"Yo I still can't believe that the owner of Dom's Icecream Parlor is a drug kingpin. I remember going to get icecream at his restauraunts when I was like ten." Millie voiced to her friend. She'd been in shock ever since Finn explained everything to her. She never imagined that a rather wellknown businessman would be a meth manufactorer. 

The pair of teenagers walked into the laundromat and looked around. There were still a few appliances in the large room, although they all looked very distraught. As they stumbled around they began to hear a bit of a rumbling noise. It sounded almost like an elevator. 

All of a sudden, one  of the old washing machines suddenly started to move to the right. It revealed a secret door and a flight of steps. Finn assumed that the hidden passageway led to the lab. 

Seconds later, two men walked through the door. Finn and Millie recognized the older man as Dom Gonzalez, their new boss. However they had no idea as to who the other guy was. 

He looked quite young, most likely in his twenties. He was tall, had a very nice complextion, and was rather handsome. The y man had short hair and was wearing a camoflauge bandana. 

"Hello Mr. Wolfhard and Ms. Brown. It is very nice to see you both again. I'd like to introduce you to one of my associates, this is Caleb Mclaughlin." Dom stated as he pointed to the man next to him. Finn nodded and Millie cracked a smile, however Caleb stayed silent and emotionless.

"Please follow me down to the lab." He added moments later. 

Finn and Millie went through the small door and began to walk down the stairs. Seconds after they started walking downstairs, the washing machine moved and the door became hidden yet again. Both of the teens found it quite amazing. 

Whenever they got down to the lab, Finn's jaw hit the floor. 

It was massive. There were many shiny silver appliances, a bright red floor, high ceilings, and grey brick walls. It looked like a professional designer had created the lab. It was hard to believe that such an incredible laboratory would be used to cook meth.

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