Chapter 37

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Zayn's P.O.V

I raced up the stairs, gripping his hand tight as we reached the top. Pelting through the corridors we prayed we wouldn't come across any guards.

Luckily we didn't. I'm not sure why, but as we reached the doors and burst through them. Fifty pairs of eyes and guns locked onto us.

Ed quickly dropped my hand and stood forward to speak.

"Drop the weapons. Let us through."

"Where are you going with him?" A rough raspy voice answered.

"Since when do you ask questions back?" Ed snarled. "I'm going to get rid of him. We knwo where they hybrids are to be honest, I just can't be bothered to go on a whole chase for them. I'm getting rid of him and then we'll get them."

I tried my best to look scared. To be honest it wasn't that hard. Ed was a brilliant liar. I genuinely thought somewhere deep down that was hsi master plan and he had it all worked out in the beginning and-

Those thoughts were dimished by a smirk as the guard said:

"Oh I really doubt that."

I watched in horror as he cocked his gun and advanced on us. I looked around desparately for some kind of escape. I noticed four strings holding up a strange metal box thing on my left, the building was behind me, the vans behind the guards and to my right, one loose rope connected to the roof with selection of wooden crates stacked behind it.

I studied the four ropes. They were joined above and below the box with a lock type thing made of metal but not looking completely stable. A plan was set as I realised what the metal box was.

I didn't think twice. Nothing was running through my head as I sprinted towards the right and launched my self on top of the boxes. I turned round swiftly and jumped, grabbing the rope and kicking off the wall.

I swung round as the gun raised his gun to Ed and kicked it upwards. The bullet soared through the top lock thing and the bomb came crashing down.

Everything was in slow motion. I grabbed Ed's hand and seized him away, diving for cover beaneath the wooden boxes.

I felt the explosions through the floor. Several things bombed onto the crates but luckily none came through. As everything fell silent we stood. There was virtually nothing left.

Ash and blood dripped from the front of the building. Shrapnel was scattered everywhere. But I didn't feel guilty, like I should've done if I had just murdered fifty men. I looked around with nothing to say. Absolutely nothing to say.

Ed turned to me and hugged me.

"Thank you," he rasped, his voice quicvering with shock and fear.

"You're welcome, but it's not over yet." My voice came out much more onfident than I was expecting as I lead him over to a van and started up the engine thanks to Ed's keys.

We speeded downt he highway, searching desparately for the van containing the hybrids. My heart stopped as we drew up to the gas station and it was gone.

I heard Ed's breath hitch beside me. I clambered out of the car and walked across the area. My blood ran cold as I knelt to the floor, revealing a dribble of blood and one lock of purple hair.

My eyes began to sting as I sobbed over the last remains of my love. What would I do without her? I cried and cried and cried with Ed beside me, comforting me. Suddenly a child came up to me.

"Can I see that?" she asked, tipping her little blonde head to the side. Her fringe fell the same way she did. He glistening grey eyes looked up at me with wonder and worry.

"No!" I cried btu isntantly took it back. "I'm sorry it's just..." I broke into another round of sobs. The girl smiled and stretched out a pale hand, gently taking the lock from my fingers and twisting it.

"I know this..." she whispered. My sobs ceased.


The girl looked up at me. Her pupils dilated and her lips broke out into a smile.

"Follow me," she said. I watched as she turned into the shadows and walked to the wall at the back. She handed me the lock of hair back and pressed a hand to the wall.

For a moment nothing happened until the brick changed colour and the wall began to shift.

The bricks fell, revealing a small garden behind it.

"I live here," she explained. "I kept it nice for these people." I peered inside and saw all the hybrids in the van looking at me. They ran and hugged me, screaming my name. I hugged them all back, keepign the lock of hair tight in my grip.

I looked around the garden. It was beautiful. There were large green trees flowering with blosson surrounding lush green grass. Flowers sprouted across the lawn and in beautiful beds, bringing colour and life to the garden. On the right was a glistening, blue lake with reeds and flowers lining the side and a great weeping willow leaning over it.

It looked perfect.

But what made it even more perfect was the purple headed figure lying a bench next to the river surrounded by flowers.

I walked up to her slowly. She was clutching a bouquet and looked pale. Far too pale for her own good. She had changed out of her bloodied clothes and was in a white dress tha floated around her in the cool breeze. Flowers were placed delicately in her hair.

She looked like an angel.

I gently brushed a lock of hair out of her face and she stirred delicately before falling into stillness once again. I held back a sob as I watched her flawless face stay peacefully still.

I placed a hand on hers and bowed my head, hoping this wasn't her death bed.

Suddenly her hand moved from the bouquet and slowly wound it's way into mine. I looked up, hope beating through my veins like adrenaline and watched as her perfect eyes fluttered open.

"Zayn," she whispered. I didn't think twice as I launched myself at her wrapping my arms around her and hugging her, nor too hard - she was still fragile. She hugged me back, dropping the bouquet.

I broke off from the hug and kissed her sweetly on the lips. I turned my head from it as a woman exited the hosue behind us.

"Careful, Zayn dear." she said. "Perrie's still fragile."

"How do you know my name?" I asked. The woman was nice, with pale skin and blonde hair and large grey eyes.

"They told me all the stories about you and the others. I just assumed it was you by your sitation with Perrie."

I smiled and squeezed Perrie's hand.

"Thank you so much," I said, looking ot my left where Ed was on the ground playing with the younger hybrids in the grass.

"We will do all we can to help, but I think it's time for you to go." she replied, smiling and disappeared back inside. She returned moments later with little bags. She handed them to us.

"Food to keep you going, live well," she smiled and returned inside the house for the last time.

I walked through the wall and turned to help Perrie through. She really did look beautfil with flowers in her hair and the white dress floating around her.

But my heart stopped when she looked up at me smiling, her eyes wide and a smile on her face.

Her eyes were no longer blue. They were purple.

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