Louis' P.O.V.

Josh and I walked into the cafeteria and into line to buy our food. I looked around the room searching for Kalea. It's a normal high school cafeteria environment where everyone has their niche. I guess I could say my spot is at the soccer team's table.

Harry and Zayn, who in my opinion are the best on the team, don't sit with us though. They have their own clique in which only certain people are "allowed" in. Including Kalea. They aren't mean or anything, just exclusive.

They're not hard to notice either because they sit at the center table of the cafeteria. I don't think they would ever turn a person who asks to sit with them away. They just seem like a clique of popular kids because everyone is either too scared to ask or is just more comfortable with their own group.

I turned away from their soon-to-be-occupied table to look at what I want for lunch. Grabbing a simple turkey sandwich and a raspberry Snapple, I got to the cashier to pay.

Josh and I walked over to an empty table and began to eat when I got a tap on the shoulder.

Kalea's P.O.V.

I couldn't help smiling when I saw him standing by my locker.

"What a nice surprise Mr. Payne," I said to him with a smile.

"I was waiting for you to go to the cafeteria. I convinced the girl assigned to the locker next to you to switch with me so we could be locker neighbors," Liam told me with a smile.

"You didn't! I can't believe you Liam Payne. That's really sweet of you though. I just have to see your hideous face every day at my locker along with all the other times you follow me around," I say with a playful punch.

"I guess I just miss you too much Miss Styles! And you must admit you miss me too!"

"I gotta think about that one," I say with a wink.

"Awww did you meet any new people while away from me?"

I immediately thought of Louis. Then unintentionally smiled.

"You DID! Who? Will she replace me?" he said with a pout.

He automatically thought it was a girl. Thanks Liam. Makes me feel great.

"Actually, he was really sweet. You'd like him too! He's hilarious. And don't you worry Liam, you're irreplaceable."

I noticed his face dropped for a fraction of a second then smile brightly again.

"Can't wait! What's his name?"

"Louis Tomlinson."

"Haven't heard of him."

"He's on the soccer team with Harry and Zayn."

"They might've mentioned him once but I don't really remember. I'm sure he's a great kid though."

We walked into the familiar cafeteria and into line. I haven't seen Lizzie yet but I noticed Zayn, Harry, Kayla, and Niall walk in soon after us. I waved at them and they nodded back. I grabbed a turkey sandwich and a Coke when I saw Louis and Josh starting to sit and eat at a table.

After paying quickly, I told Liam to go ahead to the table and walked in the direction of the two boys.

I tapped Louis on the shoulder and he turned around smiling once he saw it was me.

"Same taste," I said to him pointing from my sandwich to his.

"Copycat!" he said with a pout.

"Hah! You're such a child Louis!"

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