Prompt: "The Floor Creaked"

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Vincent crept around the pillar, hardly daring to breathe. This was the last ingredient he needed to bring her back-- he had to have it! And yet...

The floor creaked and his heart leapt up into his throat. He'd been wrong about the direction the guard was going. The fellow came back toward the end of the hall where Vincent hid. As the guard passed the pillar, Vincent inched around behind it. His stealth magic would help him somewhat, but if they suspected he was there, they could use their own spells to see through it.

This guard was young, muscular, with dark hair, and looked smart in his uniform.

Vincent glanced down at his own tattered rags, then mentally rebuked himself for thinking of such things at a time like this. When he brought her back, Scarlet would make everything better, like it was before. They'd take their revenge on the [lord] who murdered her and find a way to live together in happiness---with lots of money.

"Hey Jozef," another guard called from down the hall, "Come look at this! Christophe found a purse someone left in the bathroom and it has a [fantasy device name] filled with nudie pictures. The chick is hot, too."

Jozef didn't need to be told twice; He jumped up from where he'd started leaning against the wall and jogged off down the hall, boots thudding on the floor.

Vincent couldn't believe his luck {or maybe he planned it?} He walked carefully, but not nearly as cautiously, across the hall to the door of the [section name]. He unlocked the double doors with the key pass [name] had made for him.

It was even darker inside. That was a good sign. The guards patrolled the halls, but the [authorities] didn't really trust them with the treasures held in the [school museum]. Vincent muttered a spell to increase his night vision and stepped over the threshold, slowly and silently shutting the door behind him. It locked automatically, and even that was good. He had his key; he could get out again.

The real trouble was, he wasn't sure where in the room the [item] was kept just that it was there... somewhere.


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