artwork - newtmas

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Don't get Thomas wrong, he loves art, he really does. But he isn't one of those people who like to stand for hours and hours by the same painting and talk about how deep it is. Sure, he doesn't mind thinking of the meaning of the painting and what's behind the paint strokes, but it gets a bit boring when it gets too much. So he walks away from his two friends to let them discuss the art by themselves. He stands by a wall, next to a large painting that he really likes. It's of a big field of flowers in hundreds of different colours and it's simple but absolutely gorgeous.

Thomas leans back with a small pout on his lips, looking at his friends who are in a deep conversation about a painting that isn't even that interesting according to Thomas. He pulls out his phone with a sigh and goes into snapchat, not having anything better to do. He makes a face at the camera, feeling quite cute in his new yellow sweater. He takes a selfie of himself, and is about to take another one when he hears a voice speak to him.

"Please don't take pictures of the artwork." Thomas turns his head and sees a boy around his own age, twenty-two, looking at him with a serious look in his eyes. Thomas is a bit shocked at first, staring at the very beautiful stranger in front of him whose eyes are the warmest of brown and hair looking almost golden. He can feel his face flush and he quickly answers him.

"Sorry, I was just taking a selfie," he explains and sees how a smile forms over the boy's lips.

"I know," he tells Thomas and winks at him before he walks away with his hands behind his back, looking quite satisfied with himself. Thomas gaps at him, staring at the blond with big bambi eyes. He feels his cheeks heat up as he processes what just happened. Did that boy just... Did he really just call Thomas an artwork?

He quickly runs over to Brenda and Teresa and grabs their hands, pulling them away from the painting.

"Tom," Teresa says with a groan. "We said five minutes, that was two!"

"You'll never guess what just happened!" he tells them when he lets go of their hands. "That guy, over there, he just flirted with me! He- He just said I was art!" Both girls smile brightly at him and start pushing him towards the blond's direction.

"Then what are you doing here? Go flirt with him!" Brenda tells him and they shove Thomas one more time before they walk away, giggling. Thomas huffs at his friends and give them a glare before he turns to see the boy looking at him with his eyebrows raised. Thomas blushes under his gaze and carefully approaches him while playing with his fingers.

"Uh," he says awkwardly, looking at his shoes. "You know, out of all the beauty in this room, you are the most beautiful thing," he tries but cringes when he realises how bad his flirting is. He glances up at the slightly taller boy and sees him smiling at him with his lips almost reaching his ears and his eyes shining like the brightest star.

"That was pretty bad, but also the most adorable thing I've ever heard," he tells Thomas with a light chuckle. "My name's Newt."

"Thomas," the brunet replies with a bright smile. "I'm not very good at flirting, but you, however, is really smooth."

"Well, thank you. I felt pretty proud of myself, I must admit," Newt says. "But you are truly the most beautiful artwork in here." Thomas blushes at Newt's words, looking down at his sneakers again. He bites his bottom lip as he thinks of something to say, but he is too flustered to come up with anything. However, he doesn't have to think of it for long because Newt soon speaks again. "Do you want me to show you around? I could show you my favourites?" Thomas looks up at Newt and beams at him, nodding at the wonderful idea.

Newt holds out his arm for Thomas who immediately hooks his own with it and the two boys head off to look at some more art.
Newt shows Thomas his favourites and Thomas finds himself adoring the paintings too, thinking they are absolutely the prettiest ones. He decides that Newt's favourite paintings are his favourites too, mostly because of the way Newt looks so passionate as he speaks about them and it makes him look so handsome and gorgeous and breathtaking, all at the same time.

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