Chapter 3

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Day : Saturday
Date : 07/04/18

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Camellia Waters' POV

"Eya! That's mine! Give me my fries back, Eya!" Ethan yelled while chasing me. Yup I stole his fries. I just really really really love to steal his food. Why? No reason.

"If you want it you have to catch me first." I stuck my tongue at him while giggling and running around the living room.

Alex chuckled at our childish behaviour standing at the corner of the room.

"Alex! Don't just stand there! You should help me capture this short thief!" Ethan yelled again but this time at Alex.

"Hey! Don't call me that!"

Alex grinned while shaking his head before turning around to go upstair maybe to his room. Or so i thought. Suddenly, he turned his head like really fast towards us roaring and making this weird face with his arms wide open then moved from his spot to catch me.


I screamed and almost fall to the floor due to shock by Alex action. I stopped running then look to my right as Ethan stopped chasing me too panting really hard and standing really close to me. I turned my head to my left to see Alex smiling evilly at me. With that ladies and gentlemen, they got me cornered.

Shit! I can't end up like this. I will die from their punishment. Why..just why..why do they have to be so good at catching me?

"Gotcha!" Ethan shouted, snapping me back from my thought while hugging my side after he tamed his heartbeat.

I yelped, surprised.

I screamed again and tried to escape from his grip. Keyword, tried. But no, i couldn't escape. He was just too strong.

"Let go of me!"

"No can do little thief." Ethan said. I looked up just to see him smirking down at me.

Na uh..I know that look. This is bad.

I trashed for minutes then tried to stomp on his feet but failed miserably as Alex held my legs and lift them. Then, they moved and dropped me on the couch. I tried to get up to escape again but Ethan pinned my hands in his right hand while Alex held my legs again.

When I saw Ethan smirking down at me with his other hand ready to tickle my side, I screamed.

"NOOO!!! HELP ME!!! ELLIOT!!!!!"

Not even a minute later, I heard a door slammed open upstairs and stomping sound as Elliot coming or should i say rushing towards us running with a...water pistol?

When he done climbed down the stairs, he shout.

"Elliot coming to the rescue!" He made a pose with his hand that holding the pistol straight up as if he could touch the ceiling and his other hand rested on his hip. Seconds passed and he was already pointing his pistol like a police and shot us. Yup, that's right. US! I mean seriously why did i get shot too??

The boys released their grip to protect themselves from getting shot on their face and I used the opportunity to get up from the couch.

"Elli, stop it!" Alex yelled.

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