Pull The Trigger

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It was just about time to head to class. Which meant it was just about time to put on a happy face, and pretend that he was just fine and wasn't dying inside.
Regular classes were canceled for today, so everyone else got the day off.
However, Cram School lessons were still on for today.

Rin got up from where he was sitting under the tree and made his way toward the True Cross building.

Once he reached inside he used his special key to open a door. Moments later he found himself in the famiar decorated hallway in front of his classroom door.
It took every last bit of his will power to walk inside.
He wasn't up for any of this today, he wondered how he was usually so good at masking his pain. He could make it as an actor with how well he pretended to feel different emotions.

But for some reason, today he wasn't up for any of it. For putting on that mask and sitting inside the class pretending the way his "friends" were treating him didn't bother him.

Maybe, just maybe, he had finally cracked.

He shook those thoughts out of his head for now.

Just smile.

Act like nothing's wrong.

Keep your cool Okumura. 

      With that in mind, he took a deep breath and walked into class. The very moment he stepped in the whole class went silent. All eyes were on him. He could feel them glaring at him hatefully while he heard the Kyoto trio whispering about him.

(Rin's p.o.v)

"What the hell is HE still doing here?" Bon whispered. "The SPAWN of Satan shouldn't be in allowed this school! Heck, he shouldn't even be allowed to live!"

"That's a little harsh isn't it?" Shima said. Was he defending me? But why? For a second there I had some hope that someone sort of cared about me.

"Bon's right Shima. He's too dangerous, he could burst into flames at any moment and kill us all. If he were just executed, no one would be in danger." Konekomaru agreed with Bon.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Shima gave in. Just when I thought I finally had someone on my side. What konekomaru said rang throughout my head.

'If he were just executed, no one would be in danger.'

He was right, I'm a demon, me just being here is putting everyone's life at risk. If I were dead, no one would have to be scared of me, they can all have peace at mind.

I took my seat all the way in the back of the classroom. Shiemi was too afraid to even look at me. If everyone hates me, then what's the point of sitting in the front of class? It's gotten to the point where I can't stand to be near people anymore, so I like keeping my distance. I don't mind. I was always alone, even from the beginning. So I don't mind being by myself.

I was interrupted from my thoughts when Yukio, who was also my teacher, walked into class.

"Good morning Okumura-sensei." Everybody said at the same time, except for me. I just kept my head down.

Avoid any eye contact.

He started with the lesson and wrote some things down on the board. I wasn't paying attention. Actually, I already knew most of the information. Without anybody to talk to, I had a lot of time on my hands. I spent most of that time eating, sleeping, and reading anything I could find; which were mostly just books on demons and exorcisms that Yukio left behind. He had moved out of our dorm room when we had gotten back from Kyoto.

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