Heroes and Villains

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"Son, this could resolve our conflict with Illmore forever it you would just say yes!" The king tried to convince his son. The two kingdoms had been at war ever since a thief from Tralencia attempted to steal the crown to feed his family. When he claimed that he was not paid enough for his work in the castle, the battle had begun. "She's quite beautiful, I don't understand what your problem with her is."

The Prince sighed. "She's just, not my type, Father." Most girls aren't. Scratch that, girls aren't his type. He'd much rather be taken away on horseback, his arms wrapped around a strong prince as they rode off into the sunset. Away from the responsibilities of being prince, away from a terrible life that he was forced into at birth, away from everyone else. Just him and his love.

"Well I don't care. You are marrying Princess Everlake next month, and that is final!" The king yelled before retreating to his office.

Prince Wigington sighed as he looked out the window. The sun had set over Tralencia, and now the only light showing were from torches and candles the townspeople had lit. He craved of going out at night and admiring the beauty of the village. But his father always told him that "it isn't proper" to associate with the lower class, which he always found strange, but never had the guts to tell his father that.

But his father wasn't here. His father was in his office. Geoff turned to the nearest guard. "Tell Lucas to fetch a cloak and meet me at the stables." The guard saluted, and did as he was told.

The prince got a satchel, filled it with apples and bread, and quietly walked down the long staircase and carefully opened the door to go out to his horse. She was a dark brown, almost black, but not quite. "Hi girly." He spoke in a soft voice as he petted her beautiful mane. He saddled her up and got on, waiting for his cloak. When he saw Lucas, he simply took the clothing, slipped in on, and gave him one last instruction. "If I'm not back by sunrise, tell my father that I'm clearing my head."

And with that, he was off. He rode through the woods that surrounded the castle, he rode across the bridge that was built when he was still an infant, until he saw the town. It was dimly lit, less than when he was looking out from his window. It was a quiet village, but beautiful nonetheless.

Prince Wigington, no, he wasn't a prince here. He was just another villager. He was Geoff here.

Geoff got off his horse and brought her with him as he walked. There was an old woman getting water from the well, and in the town center there was a boy in stocks for stealing a loaf of bread. Geoff took pity on him, but he couldn't help him. He reached into his satchel, picking out an apple. The boy held his head as he stood there, not asleep, but not fully conscious either. He was in pain from standing and not eating. Geoff placed the apple in the boy's hand before trying to walk away without being noticed. "Thank you!" The boy whispered, before resuming his position.

Geoff smiles as he walked away, happy that he could do something good here. As he continued to explore, the old woman from before ran up to him. "Please help, that man just stole the last of my food!" She pointed to someone running away quickly.

Geoff let go of the reins of his horse and took off, trying to catch up to the man. When he did, he saw that he wasn't a man at all, but a young woman. "What the-"

"I GOT THE HORSE! LETS GO!" The old woman yelled. She hopped on and she rode off. Of course Geoff thought to himself as he sighed. He watched as the two rode away, when a dark figure stopped them. "What the-"

"I believe you have something that isn't yours." A loud voice boomed as the man threw the woman off my horse and quickly got on it. "HYA!" He yelled, galloping towards me. I stood in shock as he came to a stop right in front of me, jumping off and bowing. "I apologize."

"I-uh-thank you." I muttered out as I pet her, making sure she was alright.

"It's nothing. It's what a knight does." He said, grinning. It was dark, but I could see in the candlelight a pair of glimmering eyes and a kind smile.

"You're a knight?" I asked, genuinely confused. I've never seen this guy before. I would have remembered his gorgeous face before. "What's your name?"

"Awsten. Awsten Knight." Yup, never heard of this guy. "My family's surname is Knight, so I do kind things, because it's what good people do, but say that it's because I'm a knight. Get it?" He looked so fucking pleased with himself for coming up with that. "But enough about me, who are you?"

"I'm Geoff." I smiled, and his face fell, eyes widening to the size of the moon.

"Y-your Majesty." He bowed down, afraid that I was going to sentence him to death for making eye contact with me. "My apologies."

I waved it off. "No, it's fine. I'm glad I got a glimpse of what it's like to be a normal person for once." I sighed as I got back on my horse. I was probably never going to meet him again, and I was not going to let this hot piece of sexiness slip out of my fingers. "Would you like a job at the castle? It's the least I could do. Like if my dad found out I left the castle at night and lost a horse, I would be in DEEEEP shit."

He smiled, pretending to curtsy. "Why yes, thank you." He wrapped a hand around my leg, I would be lying if I said I wasn't turned on at all, and used it to hoist himself up. He wrapped his arms around my waist as we rode off in the moonlight, when he whispered in my ear. "So how are you going to explain this to the staff?"

I chuckled. "Just tell the staff that your father was a failed writer and your mother died after giving birth to you. You ran away and now you need a job. Trust me, Meredith is the sweetest person you will ever meet." He rested his head on my shoulder, his warm smile radiating. He was so fucking precious when he smiled.

"Oh, and Awsten?"


"You may not be a knight, but your my knight in shining armor."

A/N- Yes, I wrote an entire story based on a pun I thought of at midnight.

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