Chapter Thirteen

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Annabelle's PoV

I woke up feeling warm, to warm for it to be normal. Have the Leftens suddenly let me have heating in my room or something? No that doesn't sound right, if I didn't deserve hot water why would I deserve heating?

As I came round I starting to take more of my surroundings in and panicked when I realised I wasn't in my room, where was I?

"Go back to sleep Annabelle" a voice grumbled behind me and I froze before I recognised the voice and instantly relaxed. I was with Jax and I was safe. I sighed in relief and turned over to come face to face with a knocked out Jax. He looked so tired with bags under his eyes, to be honest I probably wasn't helping the situation with my nightmare and everything else.

I sighed and stroked his cheek, feeling the stubble against my finger tips. I wonder when I am going to feel the tingles or electricity or whatever he called them.

Jax shifted in his sleep, muttering something about cotton candy and I couldn't help but giggle at his sleep talk. Who dreams about cotton candy? I smiled down at him, stroking his cheek one more time before getting up and walking down the stairs towards the kitchen. The least I could do was make breakfast for him after everything he has done for me.

I padded bare foot into the stainless steal kitchen and quickly went about making him the works.

Thirty minutes later I was just putting the last of the plate, piled high with food, onto the table when I heard my name being shouted upstairs. I frowned, why was Jax yelling for me? Had I done something wrong?

I walked behind the island in the kitchen, hoping to put something in between me and Jax, as I heard him running down the stairs.

"Annabelle! Annabelle where are you?"

He ran into the kitchen looking a little panicked but instantly relaxed when he saw me.

"I thought you'd run off or something when you weren't in bed... what's all this?" He asked suddenly changing the subject and gestured to all the food laid out on the counter.

I shrugged "a thank you" I muttered.

"A thank you for what?" He asked genuinely confused. How could he not know what I was thanking him for.

"For...everything". A grin was plastered on his face and he ran his hand through his bed hair, god he looked adorable in the mornings. "I...umm...didn't know w-what you liked so I just made everything I could".

Jax slowly walked over to me, taking it slower than he would normally walk, and when he was in front of me he pulled me towards him into a hug. "Thank you my little mate, I really appreciate it" he mumbled into my hair and he kissed my forehead.

I blushed at his words and nodded my head, not knowing how to respond. I was never thanked for doing anything at the Leftens so I'm still very new to compliments and people actually being appreciative of what I do.

"Oh my god these waffles are amazing!'"Jax exclaimed through a mouth full of food before he quickly shovelled another fork full into his mouth.

I giggled and went about getting my own plate of food, I'd set it up buffet style so I just took a small helping of eggs and bacon with a slice of toast. I could tell Jax wanted to argue with me about the amount of food I was eating, or in his eyes the lack of food I was eating, but for me I had eaten more in the last thirty six hours I was here than in a week at my old home.

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