17| The Sky Is Everywhere.

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17| The Sky Is Everywhere.

Luke was awoken by the sweet noise of Annie's irreplaceable giggles, and the vibration of her body below him. They were still in the position of Luke's body in between hers, face squished into her chest and probably stained with red marks.

"Why are you laughing?" Luke mumbled, opening an eye and still not seeing anything. For some reason, he expected to see her face, smiling down at him, but he was stuck with eternal darkness again. He sighed, squeezing her body and moving his head to the side.

"You're nose was squished up against my boob, you looked funny, sorry for waking you." She giggled again, running a hand through his hair. Luke couldn't help feeling as though they had been together for years, they had loved each other to the point of no return and they would last their life times together.

"Oh, sorry. What time is it?" Luke blushed, digging his face into his her side and shaking his head. His mum always liked to point out how he had a 'cute' nose, even though he didn't really care what his nose looked liked. Thinking about it, Kelly did have a weird obsession with his nose, whether it be when they were kissing and she would nudged it, or when he had his head buried in her-

"2:15am, we fell asleep at like 3:00pm so, yeah..." Annie shrugged, allowing Luke to be snapped from his thoughts which he hated having. Kelly wants even that good in bed, yet she wasn't the worst either. It's not like Luke thought about sex 24/7 but it was at least once a day, which was starting to annoy him. He couldn't help it, it had been months, when he could see he barely went a week with out it.

"Oh right, well are you tired?" He didn't want it to sound suggestive, but after his crude thoughts he assumed everything he were to say would just sound dirty.

"No, not really, what D'you wanna do?" Annie noticed that he was acting funny, that he kept shuffling and she assumed it was because of the strange position he had slept in.

"You," He thought, licking his lips and then proceeding to bite them. He knew he couldn't answer with that realistically, she'd probably run for the hills in fear of this always horny teenager still lying on her body. He hoped one day when she was a little more comfortable with the whole topic of sex that statements like that would be taken seriously, but obviously for now he would have to keep them to himself.

Annie's body stiffened, eyes widening at Luke's not-so-quiet statement which she was completely taken back by. She sucked in a breath, unsure of how she was supposed to reply and just stayed silent.

"Uhm-" She hummed, biting her own lip as Luke's eyes widened, his whole face bright red and his body tensing.

"Did I say that out loud?" He asked, voice just above a whisper as he faced towards her.

"Yeah," Annie chuckled, hoping this awkward aroma would soon surpass and they could get on with whatever they were planning on doing- which would not be each other. "It's ok." She bit her lip, trying to ignore the feeling in her stomach as Luke sat up, rubbing his face with his hands and shaking his head.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean- I was just- I was thinking- not about that just-" Luke couldn't believe he had actually messed up this bad, he could feel her body shuffling and he knew she was leaving, he couldn't blame her either. If she had said that to him, well actually he wouldn't mind at all, but this was completely different for her surely.

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