I stared at her, realizing that she isn't lying. This is definitely Skye. "I'll go get your parents so you can tell them why their one-year old daughter is now eighteen."

Skye grabbed my arm before I could leave. "How about I just come with you?" She suggested.

I looked into her eyes and nodded. Her parents couldn't possibly believe me unless I showed them.

"I'll bring the sandwiches to you guys," she said.

I nodded again, then we walked out and down the hall. Dawn and Dusk are sitting in the living room, watching a movie. Dawn smiled when he saw me.

"Hey mom, do you want to wa-" Dawn cut himself off as Skye walked into the room behind me. Dusk stood up and scanned her.

"What? Who-" he started, but he stopped as he really looked at her. Skye gave him a sheepish grin.

"I'm Skye," she said. Her parents stared at her in stunned silence for another few moments until Dusk spoke up.

"What did you do?" He asked.

Skye was fiddling and looking down, as if she was expecting a scolding. "I was helping Niko in the kitchen and I got aging potion all over me."

Dawn was the first to break out of his shocked trance. He smiled and walked up to her, placing his hands on her cheeks as he studied her.

"You're all grown up," he whispered as his eyes filled with tears.

Then Twilight walked in with Candy and they both froze for a second before Twilight laughed.

"Is that my niece?" She asked. Skye nodded. "Wow, you're lesser off than I was at your age."

Twi poked Skye's chest and Skye blushed, trying to pry her crying mother off. Dawn sniffled and hugged her again before sitting down.

"This is so much different," Dawn said. Dusk nodded.

"Now we can put you to work," Dusk told his daughter with a smirk, wrapping his arm around her neck as he gave her a noogie. Skye looked at me helplessly, and I laughed.

"Hey, don't hurt your child," I told them while still chuckling. Dusk grinned and let her go. I sighed, then remembered that I should get back to Reid.

"I'm going to check on Reid," I said, and Skye grabbed my hand.

"Can I come?" She asked.

I gave her a nod and she smiled. I led her back down the hallway to the room where Reid was. I opened the door, then froze in place. Skye gasped next to me, her hand flying up to cover her mouth.

Reid is sitting up, but his eyes are completely black as Father stood before him, his hand on Reid's forehead.

I swallowed hard and walked up slowly just as Father let him go. I watched as Reid's eyes returned to their natural silver color, and my heart leaped. Is he back?

He blinked a few times, then he looked up at Father.

"You kept my memories. Thank you," he said with a nod of respect. Father returned the nod respectfully then turned to see me, then stepped out of my way as I walked towards Reid cautiously.

Reid met my gaze, and then he smiled. He's back.

"Reid," I breathed, stumbling into a sprint as I ran at him, then threw my arms around him. His arms wrapped around me, one of his hands entangling itself into my hair as he held me to him tightly.

I sobbed, clutching him to me, relishing his warmth and his touch as if it were my very life, and he might as well have been. I breathed in his scent, letting it fill my lungs and fill me with the comfort that he's truly here.

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