Chapter 25: 'Screw the picture, video it is!'

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Hey everyone so sorry again it's on the short side but it's more of a filler. I still liked the way it turned out though :) RIght now I feel hotter than *beep* right now because I spent a good portion of the day at Willow Grove. While it was fun, it was also very hot. I tan pretty easily from my dad's side, but sunburn on  my cheeks from my mom's yes I feel pretty burnt! lol

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I grabbed the tops of her arms and turned her to me. “I know you’re not ready to hear this, and I’ll wait-” I cut her off with my lips, chuckling to myself. Wow, I felt like I was on cloud nine. Pulling back I gazed at her confused face.

“I’m in love with you too. How could I not be? You’re smart, beautiful, and have kick a*s powers, with a silver tongue to match. I’d be insane not to love you.” Her eyes welled up as I said this before she crushed herself to me. We heard a  knock on the door and looked over to see the guys making kissy faces at us, while for some reason or another Lyle was doing some mort of chicken dance.

Wow…way to ruin the moment.

Chapter 25:

Isis’ POV:

My heart was hammering in my chest as my mind kept replaying the last few minutes. I was so angry that Lydia had gotten so close to taking Gordon away from me! Then finding out how he feels the same way! So many emotions were coursing through me it was unbelievable. But I’ve never felt so alive before!

“Oh c’mon guys! Enough with the dry humping! Let’s go!” Corbin whined through the window. I rolled my eyes at him in annoyance. They were ruining a great moment between Gordon and I. Gordon sighed, before kissing my forehead and unlocked the car.

“I don’t think so man!” Gordon pulled Corbin out of the driver’s seat when he tried to get away with driving his car. Lyle and Benny snickered at Corbin’s whiny face, but shut up when he glared at them. I hopped out and too kicked Corbin out of my seat in the front.

“You guys suck.” He muttered. “Your mom sucks.” Lyle snickered and high-fived Benny. Corbin punched him in the gut making him kneel over for breath, “Ow dude! Not so hard!” He wheezed out. Corbin snickered, “That’s not what your mom was telling me last night.” Lyle yelled ‘burn’ and slapped Corbin on the shoulder.

I still don’t get why they yell ‘burn’. I see no fire; but I guess it’s one of those saying now. We all climbed in, and Lyle was nursing his now sore stomach. On the way home Gordon held my hand making me give off a silly grin. “So…I was thinking…after we go tomorrow, we can go out just you and me?” Gordon asked quietly towards me.

“I’d love to go some place where it’s just you and me!” Corbin shrieked from the back. Guess Gordon wasn’t as quiet as he thought. Gordon picked up an empty soda can and pegged it at him fast. It hit Corbin square in the shoulder.

“I’m going to stop this car and leave you all here to walk home!” Gordon threatened to his friends. Lyle pointed to his face him alarm, “But, do you see this face?! I’ll be picked up for sure by some dude named Cletus, who want’s to show me his fishing pole collection!” he then looked at me gravely, “Except…he doesn’t fish.” I tossed his a confused glance.

“if he doesn’t fish…what does he do with fishing poles?” I asked perplexed. Why would a man own fishing poles if he doesn’t fish? I didn’t make any sense to me. However, I sense there’s a joke in there. I just can’t seem to know where it is. They all shook their heads at me.

“What?” I asked annoyed. They didn’t like to joke with me, because a lot of the times I didn’t get it! Gordon chuckled as he shook his head and placed a kiss on the back of my hand. “Nothing Sugar.” Rolling my eyes, I sighed and looked out the window. Soon though we were pulling into Gordon’s house.

“Alright you losers, go home.” Gordon instructed. They all started whining making me laugh to myself. “No! Now go! You guys are giving me a headache.” He muttered the last part. I laughed this time because it was like we were dealing with children. They all left grudgingly which left Gordon and I alone.


“So now it’s just you and-” I was interrupted, “Gordon! Isis! Come inside!” Jenna called out from the front door. I sighed heavily. I’m not sure if we’d ever get our moment. Oh we will. I heard Gordon speak through our link. He sent a wink my way that made my heart stutter. This boy here, has me so wrapped up in him he has not the faintest idea.

“Hey Jenna.” Gordon smiled at her when we walked in. She grinned at us both and hugged me to her, “How are you today dear? It seems like we haven’t talked in a while.” Jenna asked me. Gordon rolled his eyes at her, “Jenna, let her breathe! And you saw her a few days ago.” He reminded her. She stepped back with a slight pout.

“Well I can’t help it if I like her better!” Gordon’s smirk was wiped clean at that statement, “Wha-…what do you mean she’s your favorite!” he turned to me, “She’s my favorite.” He murmured making my insides squirm in happiness. Jenna scoffed, “Uhg! You’re no fun when you’re a lovesick puppy.” She muttered and walked off, making me laugh. She was no better than the boys!

“Kiss me.” I almost demanded, but he willingly gave me what I wanted. Wrapping his arms around me he pulled me up until only my toes touched the ground. I smiled against him, feeling utterly happy. I wanted a little more privacy and after sensing around the room to find we were alone I poofed us into my lamp.

“Whoa!” He said in shock but had a lazy grin on his face. I was on top of him on my bed in my lamp. Smirking down at him I tugged at the collar of his shirt, “This needs to come off.” I instructed. He chuckled but complied, throwing his shirt off. I eyed his impressive lean body that was below me. He definitely took care of himself, that was for sure.

“If you look any longer, I may need to put a bib on you.” He joked. I mockingly narrowed my eyes at him as I sat up. His hands went o my hips to steady me. “I love you.” He said again, making my heart speed up. I grabbed one of my throw pillows and hit his face. Snickering I looked at how shocked he looked. “I love you too.” I said sweetly. He glared at me before flipping us and attacking my sides. The little git was tickling me!

“Stop!” I begged after just a few moments. It hard to breathe when you’re laughing so hard! He chuckled above me but stopped. “Say, ‘Gordon is the hottest thing to walk the planet, and I’m completely gaga over him’.” He ordered, placing his tickling fingers dangerously close to my sides.

“Uhg! Fine! Gordon is the hottest thing to walk the planet, and I’m completely gaga over him!” I yelled out. He laughed and fist pumped the air before bending down to kiss me.

“Kid’s dinner!” We heard Jenna yell. Oh no! We need to get out of here. Gordon nodded his head at my thoughts so I poofed us up. I heard a bark and saw Lily next us looking startled. Well I would be too, if two people popped out of no where!

“Relax little Lily.” I said to placate her. Her barking ceased and instead she licked at my leg, causing me to giggle. “Lily? Where’s Hazam?” I asked. She barked and ran out. I had a feeling I should follow her so I did. Gordon was hot on my heels When I burst through the room Lily led us in I laughed loud and hard.

“H-Hazam?!” I spoke though my laughter. He was head down in a hole with his tail flailing about. He was in the pool room and was caught in some kind of filter. ‘Well this is embarrassing’. he muttered. Gordon was having a full on laugh fest behind me.

“Oh my God! Where’s my phone I NEED to get a picture! You know what?! Screw the picture, video it is!” He fished out his phone and began recording. Chuckling I walked over to him, “Hazam? How and why are you stuck in there?” I asked. I head him huff un annoyance.

‘Lily dropped one of her toys in the hole…I thought I could get it for her.’ I cooed at him in reply. “Well look at you Mr. Softie!” He growled in turn but that just made me laugh again. Deciding that he probably has had enough I gently pulled him out. He squirmed in my grasp before I put him down. He glared at all of us but especially Lily who was ducking behind Gordon.

‘We’re no longer friends!’. He said childishly and waddled off. Lily whined making me turn to her. I picked her up and nuzzled her fur, “It’s alright sweetheart. He’s just embarrassed. He’ll come back around.” I assured her. She whimpered but licked my cheek. I set her down and watched her scamper off in the direction Hazam went.

“This is too good!” I heard Gordon snicker as he re-watched the video. I rolled my eyes at him before pulling him by the arm in the direction of the dining room. We both sat down to eat dinner, since by this time we were starving. Jenna and I had light conversation, while Gordon…re-watched the video. I hope one day Hazam and him can get along. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Can you please stop watching that? He’s embarrassed enough. I reprimanded him. He ducked his head in apology and tucked his phone away. “So Jenna, how is life for you now?” I asked her. She shrugged and took a bite of the casserole she made. “Better now that you have Gordy here on a short leash.” She winked at the last part. I giggled at his hot face when he narrowed his eyes at her.

“I’m not on a leash! I love her…there’s a difference.” Jenna snorted, “’Bout time you admitted it. I felt like I was watching some sappy teen soap that would never end! Now you if tow will excuse me…I need to head home and freshen up.”

“Why? Got a hot date?” Gordon joked, but she merely slapped the back of his head, “Why as a matter of fact I do! I’m hoping I get lucky tonight.” She winked my way. I had to stifle a laugh at Gordon’s horrified face.

“Uhg! Too much information! Oh God! I need to go take a shower!” He rushed upstairs making the two of us laugh. I turned to her though, having an idea. Why don’t you come join me Sugar? I heard his question in my head, making me blush. Luckily he couldn’t see it.

Sorry, I just made plans with Jenna. Rain check? I thought back teasingly. I heard him groan upstairs making me laugh quietly to myself. “So Jenna? How about I help you prepare for this date of yours?” I asked. She looked delighted that I asked her and she quickly nodded.

“Oh please?! I haven’t had to impress a man in so long, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten on how to act or say!” She laughed. I took her arm and dragged her up to my room. I’m sure I can conjure up some clothes for her.

“So who is this lucky guy?” I asked sifting through a magazine in my closet. She thought I was looking through some of my mother’s clothes that had gotten mixed in with mine. At least…that’s what I had told her. I found a nice red dress that was age appropriate, but definitely showed she had a playful carefree side.

“Oh he’s this wonderful man named Donnie! He delivers my mail everyday, and I thought he didn’t like me until one day last week, he was all nervous and popped the question! So here we are getting ready for my date.” I smiled as I used my powers to make the dress come to life. It had thick straps and a sweetheart neckline and fell down to the calf. It was very flowy and as the magazine had said, ‘perfect for dancing’. I didn’t know if they were, but if the occasion was brought up tonight, then she would be ready for it. I quickly paired it with the picture of the silver heels next to it. Again it was classy with a bit of whimsy into it. When I pulled them out she cried out in happiness.

“Oh that looks simply delightful! Thank you so much!” She gushed like she was a teenager again. I simply grinned in response and left her to get ready. Five minutes later she came out and I had to beam at her. She looked so radiant.

“Jenna you look amazing. Don’t worry about giving back the dress, it’s yours to keep. It would be a shame for it to collect dust in my closet. Now go and have fun.” She had gone blurry eyed and kissed my cheek, “You are such a sweetheart. You tell Gordon that if he breaks your heart…I’ll break off something of his.” She spoke seriously, but added at the end, “Well love you! Got to go bye!” She said cheerily.

She certainly was a weird one…but I loved her for it. Her great, great, great grandmother would’ve been proud.


Awww, i do love those moments between Isis and Jenna!

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