41. Sweet Luna

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Chapter dedicated to PhoenixRisesAgain.  Thanks for reading and commenting, love!

Chapter 41—Sweet Luna


My heart beat out of control. Skin-to-skin.  Tingles cascaded up and down my spine. I tried to pull away.

Immovable arms tightened around me. "Shh... I'm not going to try to take it farther," Leander's whispered words, breath hot on my neck. "Just be with me...let me hold you."

Just hold me?   Was that even possible for him?  Our bodies were pressed together, no space in between, just hours away from my heat—a potent cocktail just waiting to explode. But as I stood in Leander's arms, my tension bled away. I trusted him. He'd never lied to me.

"Good girl," he praised, feeling my body relax against him.

After a long moment, he finally relaxed his hold and pulled back. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I just couldn't stop myself, my eyes drifted down, unexpectedly finding soft curls of dark hair. He'd let his pubic hair grow out since our date at the shifter club.   And shockingly, by some incredible feat of self-control, he'd kept himself from having an erection.

My surprise must have reflected in my expression because Leander chuckled, "Thanks to your little antics before, my Wolf and I expended quite a bit of pent-up energy.   I'm under control."

I glanced up.  He almost looked proud of himself.

I didn't hold eye contact long because, in my quick visual assessment, I hadn't missed the several bruises that dotted his chest and stomach. I reached out a tentative hand and touched my fingers to one of the blossoming red and purplish marks, broken capillaries hidden beneath the skin.

Guilt tightened my belly. I swallowed thickly. "I'm sorry."

He wrapped a large hand around my wrist, halting my inspection and used his other hand to tilt my chin up. I didn't want to look at him and kept my eyes downcast.

"Look at me," he murmured.

Reluctantly, I met his intense gaze.

"So, wanna to tell me what the hell that was all about?" he asked.

Frankly, he was handling it much better than I anticipated. There was even a hint of amusement in his tone.

A blush spread across my cheeks. "My Wolf...I don't know what, I..."

He nodded as if he perfectly understood my nonsense reply, and then said wryly, "I knew we should have stayed in."

I couldn't help returning his smile.

The sun has gone down, and my belly growled, we hadn't eaten dinner yet. Leander's eyebrows pulled tight with concern. Before I could even make a suggestion, he ordered, "Get in the bed. I'll call to have dinner brought to us. Would you like to watch a movie?"

All of that sounded wonderful. I smiled wider. "Yes."   I took a step toward the door. "I'll just get dressed."

Leander grasped my arm, halting my movement. I looked back at him in confusion.

"No clothes," his voice dropped huskily.

A moment of silence lingered between us. Even without words, our conversation was clear.  Me, questioning his intentions...and him, asking me to continue to trust him.

It didn't take me long to decide.  I could do that. I could trust him.  I nodded slowly.

Satisfaction swirled in his violet and cerulean orbs. He released my arm.

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