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He chuckled sitting next to me kissing my lips

No I said wiping my lips

He grabbed my neck pulling me next to him I tried to move but he was to strong

I love you girl he said

I rolled my eyes as he rubbed my butt

I moved away from him as he got up picking up cherish putting her in the car seat. I got up grabbing her bag.


Get in the car he yelled

No I yelled hitting his arm

He picked me up carrying me downstairs I wined as he put me in the back seat with the girls .

HELP I yelled hitting the door

Aye chill out he said grabbing me


I pouted laying on the bed

Your so crazy I said

Nah I just love you that's all he said closing his eyes

Can't believe I had sex with yo cheating self I mumbled

What he said

Nothing I mumbled

He pulled me down wrapping his arms around me.

I put my hand on his arm looking at him

Imma change ight he said

You keep saying that T I said

I known man....you known I love you ma he said

I love you too I said

You can't leave me tho ight... I known I hurt you a lot but imma change I promise he said putting his hand on my stomach

I smiled as he pulled me closer I laid on his chest smiling. As much as I try to fight it I'm go always love Terrance.

I looked up seeing him sleeping. I moved his arms laying on his stomach.


I pulled up at Audrey house getting out . I walked up to her door hearing yelling. I peeped in the window seeing some tall nigga standing.over her .

What I tell you about being around that nigga Audrey that's my baby you carrying bitch he said

I don't care he's my best friend I just can't stop talking to him tre she cried

Fuck you bitch go live with that bitch ass nigga and let him take care of that baby he said punching her

Oh hell nah adurey open the door I yelled

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