silver exe lemon cuddle time~

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Silver walk in your room while you were sleeping like a little girl having her good dreams. He hug your sleeping form as he begin to cuddle you. You purr slight as you felt him nuzzling against your neck with his head. His hand slides under your shirt. You forgot to wear a bra as he rubs them. You moan a bit as you sleep. You were in a deep sleep you didn't know what his was doing to you. That give him a chance to play with you. He takes your clothes off as he purrs softly looking at your body.  He takes out his member rubbing it against your area moaning softly. He holds you as he pick up one of your legs as you were laying on your side.He pushes his member in you as he moan soft as you whimper in your sleep. 

He slowly thrust soft as he holds your hip purring against your neck. He suddenly went fast as he moans loud as you continue to sleep. He hugs you tight as he went deeper into you as he moan loudly. As time went on he suddenly cum into you as he moan before pulling out before he cuddle you before he fall asleep. Shadow walk in to check on you and see silver. He growled a bit and walks away to tell sonic about this   

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