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Taylor's pov;

The bell had rung as we was leaving out the gymnasium; she pecked my lips before walking off the other way. As I was walking to class I seen Tracy talking to some girls so I decided to go Surprise her; I snuck up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist as she was talking. I started to kiss on her neck as she was listening to her friends talk "baee stoppp,Tracy begged "naww I missed your sexy ass,I said "I missed you too, Tracy moaned lightly "Yo Tracy are you paying attention, her friend said "uh yeah skylar continue, Tracy said "okay back to what I was saying we have cheer practice all this week until six, skylar said "okay, Tracy said. As skylar was talking my eyes started to roman towards her body; I'm glad Tracy wasn't paying attention because damn skylar got a nice body. I bit down on my lip as I starred at her lips; I snapped out my daze as the bell rung "come on babe we got second bell, Tracy said "Ight, I said.

We held hands as we walked down the hall to our second bell; I opened the door for her watching her walk in. I closed the door behind me and followed Tracy over to her seat next to jordan; I sat between them nervous as hell because what if jordan say something about earlier. Mr Johnson came from the back with math books; I groaned as I rolled my eyes I hate fucking math well only because I have it with Calvin which wasn't here today mhm that's odd he's always here. I let curiosity run my mind as mr Johnson pass out the textbooks around the room; Tracy tapped my shoulder which made me get out my daze "yeah, I said "you okay?, Tracy asked "yeah I'm fine just zoned out a little bit, I said "okay baby, Tracy smiled. A little smile grew upon my face; I glanced over to make sure Jessica wasn't paying attention. She was writing notes down from yesterday and listening to music so I was safe; I raised my hand and mr Johnson came over. "What Taylor, mr Johnson said "can I come I go to the bathroom, I said "yeah sure, mr Johnson said; I got up from seat and left out the class.

As I was walking down to the bathroom I seen Skylar; oh yeah it's my time to shine. I smirked as I got closer to her "Skylar isn't it, I said "yeah who are you,Skylar asked "I'm Taylor, I said "ohhh yeah your Tracy girlfriend yeah sorry sweetie I don't ruin relationships, Skylar chuckled "oh is that right, I smirked "yeah, Skylar said. I got closer in her face she was so pretty real up close; I took two fingers and slightly lifted her up by her chin to the point we are face to face. I started smiling because her eyes was changing colors to hazel it looks like; I crashed my lips into hers she stood there trying to fight it but eventually she gave up. I slipped my tongue inside her mouth our tongues danced together; she wrapped her arms around my waist as I wrapped mines around her waist. I broke the kiss as I heard footsteps getting closer to us "why you stop, Skylar pouted "I hear footsteps girl, I said "okay well I'm get going, Skylar said "Ight can I have your number?, I asked "yeah sure, Skylar smiled. I took out my phone and handed it to her; she type her number in and gave me back my phone before walking off.

I had finally made my way to the bathroom; as I was walking in Amber was coming out. Damn another one I thought to myself "oh hey Taylor, Amber said "wassup, I said "oh nothing much you didn't come over yesterday, Amber said "I was with my mom yesterday, I said lying "oh okay maybe you can today, Amber said "I'll let you know, I said "okay, I said. As she started walking out I gently grabbed her hand spinning back around facing me; she giggled as we was face to face. I crashed my lips into hers and rubbed on her booty as we stood there; she jumped on me not breaking the kiss. I walked back to a stall going inside it; I pushed her against the wall and started to get rough. I kissed on her neck leaving hickeys; she let out sweet moans "shhhh, I said "but it feels good, Amber moaned "I know baby But shhh, I said.

Somebody had ran into the bathroom crying; I quietly dropped Amber but not to hard and peaked out the cracks of the door it was jordan my face scrunched up in confusion I never seen jordan crying before. "Stay right here it's my sister, I said "okay, Amber said; I unlocked the stall and left out making sure it had closed behind me. "Jordan what's wrong, I asked "it's nothing I'm fine, jordan sniffled "jordan you don't look fine, I said "fine you know the girl I was dating right, jordan said "uhh yeah Miranda, I said "yeah I just found out she was cheating on me with Calvin! Our fucking brother, jordan sobbed "correction your brother but continue, I said "anyways yes she was cheating on me and everybody knew she was playing the whole time, jordan said "see oh naw invite her over tomorrow we gonna fuck her ass up, I said sternly "you sure, jordan said "yeah nobody fucks with my sis, I said "bet, jordan said cleaning her face up "now head back to class fuck her, I said "thanks sis, jordan said. She walked out throwing her paper towel away; Amber came out the stall and wrapped her arms around me I sighed out of relief for helping my sister. But I thought to myself how can I keep all my hoes but don't know who I want

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