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The next morning, I wake up in Kade's bed, alone. There is a knock at the door and I respond. "Come in!"

Sage bursts through the door, beaming. "So, we figured out the room arrangements, and Boss, Cole, and I have a surprise for you!"

After everything had calmed down last night, Sage and I sat down and began talking. We became instant friends, sharing so much in common, and we spent hours laughing and watching movies. Afterwards, I didn't want to go back to the prison room, so I slept beside Kade instead.

"Sure," I reply with a sleepy smile. I shove the covers off of me and my feet hit the floor."

"It's just the next room over from Boss's," she says, excitedly.

I nod. "Do you know where he is, by the way?"

She shrugs, giving me a mischievous smile. "Why don't you come find out?"

We make our way over to the next room, and she swings the door open.

"Surprise!" Kade and Cole both shout.

I step in and glance around. "This is my room?" I ask in disbelief. There is a queen sized bed in the corner to the left with light blue, gray, and white bedding, and a balcony exit to the right of the room with white sheer curtains over it. A T.V. mirrors the bed. There is also a vanity, a dresses, a laundry sorter, and fairy lights strung from the edges of the ceiling.

"Yep," Sage says, grinning. "Cole and I were up talking early this morning about the rooms. We decided that I could stay with Cole, you could have your own room, right next to Boss, and the baby's nursery will be in the room they kept us in, but we are going to get a different window put in and a better door installed."

I grin. "That's the perfect arrangement."

"Well," Cole says, wrapping his arm around Sage's waist to pull her out of the room. "We will give you and Boss some time alone. See you guys later." I wave goodbye to them and the leave, shutting the door behind them.

"This is amazing, Kade!" I exclaim, turning to him. "Where did all of this furniture and decoration come from?"

His hands shove into the pockets of his jeans, and he grins at me sheepishly. "I kind of woke up early and drove into town with Sage and Cole. I needed Sage, because I don't have the best eye for detail and pretty things. I picked out the colors, because I know they're your favorite, and she picked out decorations and stuff. I wanted it to be a surprise."

I rush to him, wrapping my arms around his body tightly. "I love it so much! Thank you."

He laughs as he rubs his hand over the small of my back. "Anything for you, Baby Girl."

"Why didn't you just move me into your room?" I ask. "It would have been a lot cheaper."

"Well, I actually was going to just do that, but Sage made a good point when she said that you may want your own space sometimes. She pointed out that even though we really care about each other, our relationship is still kind of new, and you might want to be alone every now and then. You're still welcome to sleep in my room as much as you want though, and I wouldn't mind sleeping in here with you. I love waking up to you." He leans down and gives me a gentle peck on the lips.

"She has a good point, I guess," I respond after pulling away. I pause for a moment and then smile. "So, this is a relationship, now?"

I see him begin to fight back a smile. "Well what do you think?" He asks, raising his eyebrows.

I stare up at him for a moment, sliding my arms over his shoulders to pull him closer to me. "A few nights ago, we were talking. You said that you wanted a woman who understood your bipolar disorder and knew how to deal with it, but for her to also still be willing to love you and submit to you."

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