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crystal woke up to her brother rummaging through her stuff and throwing things on the floor that he deemed 'useless' under his breath before moving to another shelf.

"luke, what the hell are you doing?" she asked groggily, her voice scratchy from just waking up.

"crystal, should you really be concerned about me when t's four in the afternoon and you just woke up." he replies while holding up one of crystals few diamond earrings.

crystal grabs her hair insecurely before huffing, climbing out of her bed and going to her bathroom. she turns back around and glares at luke.

"i don't know what you're doing, but nothing better be missing when i get back." she heard luke groan before she closed her bathroom door -and proceeded to brush her teeth and so her very late face routine.

she walks back out to see everything back in place, luke actually listening and not taking anything important. she grabs her phone and walks out and down the stairs with her dogs following.

"luke for the last time, i can't steal from your parents nor your sister." jessie said putting her guitar down near the theater room.

"it's not stealing. it's just ... taking without permission." he stutters, waving his hand as an excuse.

"besides, crystal wouldn't even notice! she doesn't care about that stuff!" he scoffed as crystal stood behind him with her arms crossed.

"what a great statement in court." crystal states before sitting in the couch to respond to the 40+ messages she received from her friends.

"ok i have about $800 in savings."

"great! i've got $100 in birthday money. that equal to 1200 we need!" crystal laughs before turning towards the two with a confused face.

"no luke that equals 900 but why do you guys need 1200 dollars anyways?"

"we got offered to make a demo with jj mayfield, the guy who discovered t-jam!" crystal nodded her head and before she can respond, she heard the voice of her little sister through the intercom.

"maybe i can help you out."

"zuri, it's not polite to eavesdrop."

"i can let you have a hundred bucks." she sang into the mike, immediately catching their attention.

"and i can give you the rest in rupees." ravi said next, obviously trying to help as much as he can.

"thanks guys, will pay you back every penny." she turned to luke with a smile, "so, let's give mr.mayfield a call and tell him that the jessie-luke project is ready to roll!" luke chuckles before correcting her.

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