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Carl's pov
She was stunning her brown hair stopping at her hips, her perfect brown eyes, damn that smile. Obviously frank had to ruin the moment I couldn't help myself as she stood so close to me, my eyes wondered down her back to her ass I think I'm in love. I was so close to touching it when she suddenly turns around face to face with me. I couldn't resist I hugged her and had a sly feel she didn't say anything though which was strange.

{3 hours later}
Maisie's pov

Everyone was either drunk, stoned or both. Which was different from home but great to be free and just relax. I haven't spoken to Carl since earlier and wanted to see him, so I slowly wondered up the stairs.

As I got to the top of the stairs I turned and saw him sat on his bed his eyes watching my every move.
"Where's the bathroom?" I shyly asked. He stood from his bed and pointed to the door right next to his. I slightly nodded thanking him as I walked into the bathroom.

I waited a couple of seconds then flushed the toilet and washed my hands. As I opened the door, there he stood with the devil in his eyes
"Fuck. Don't do that, you scared the shit out of me!" My heart was thumping and he just giggled to himself. His smile was so hot jheez.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you but everyone is passed out downstairs and I wanted to talk, get to know you better." His hand reaches the back of his neck scratching lightly showing his nerves.
"Yeah ok" I shrugged and walked into his room.

Posters of half naked models filled the walls, three beds inside I could tell which one was his and sat on it.
"This used to be lips bed but he's in college now" he blurted. I just nodded, he made his way towards the bed and sat down beside me.

We spoke for about an hour before I slowly dropped to sleep.
I woke up with the sun glaring through the window. I looked around and heard yells from downstairs. I stood up and felt a blanket under my feet. I felt bad because Carl had to sleep on the floor.

I made my way down the stairs and saw everyone at the dinner table eating breakfast. Pancakes and syrup. My mouth watering and walked towards the only chair left next to Carl. Coincidence?

"Fiona where's my dad?" I looked up as she was flipping through a newspaper.
"He left early this morning but you were out cold so he said he will see you after work, the door is unlocked so you can get ready but have to come back." She answers I nod my head and start eating.

Half way through my pancake I feel a hand on my thigh I turned my head towards Carl as a smirk appeared on his face he slowly leans into my ear and murmurs.
"Let's see how bad you really are" his hot breath fanning my neck making goosebumps appear.

His hand slowly makes its way up and into my inner thigh while he carry's on eating his pancakes without emotion. His hand makes It's way up to the hem of the basketball shorts I changed into earlier. Guessing they were Carl's he turns and again whispers dangerously close to my ear
"My basketball shorts huh? They look so hot on you" I couldn't help but smirk.

His hand travels down his fingers messing with the lace of my panties, my breathing started to shake I couldn't let this happen but my body craved him, what is going on?

His fingers made their way to my heat and pressed lightly as my jaw was hung low I couldn't make a sound or I'd draw attention. He turned his head towards me slightly winking as his middle finger pressed down I was so turned on right now.

Just then his fork dropped from the table, purposely I think he excused himself and bent down 'trying to find his fork' I looked down as his two fingers entered me but I couldn't contain myself as I gasped, his fingers were magical.

"Ugh these pancakes Fiona are so good" I covered myself as I drew attention from the moan. Carl sat up showing he had his fork and again smirking and whispered "Bad girls get punished" and with that left the table. I was shook.


This was so much more awkward that I thought it would be😂 hope you enjoyed.❤️

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