When SCP-049 Asks You Out

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A week later you decide to set up an interview with SCP-049 again

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A week later you decide to set up an interview with SCP-049 again. You brought some small books with you about the science of the human body and whatnot.

You walk in the room seeing him in his regular position as always. He sees holding the books and tilts his head.

"Why do you have those books?"  He asks.

"These are just books I thought you might be interested in."

You sat the books in front of him. But you then realized that his hands were cuffed so that means that he couldn't even hold them.

He looks up at you and you wonder if you should uncuff him or not. The Captain did warn you that if he touches you then you'll die. But he does have gloves on so he can't directly touch you with his skin.

You walk up to him and carefully uncuff him. You basically just set him free. In the back of your mind, you had a thought that he would remove the cuffs from his legs then kill you and the rest of the foundation. But for some reason you trusted him.

"Thank you Y/N." He said.

"Your welcome."

He stretches his arms and reaches for something in his front pocket. You kinda think the worst was going to happen. But it turns out to be a folded piece of paper. He hands you the paper and you unfold it.

"I wrote it down because unfortunately I'm rather nervous about telling you this out loud but Y/N...
Would you be mine?"

You were speechless, yet your heart for once in your life was racing with joy.

You smile at him.

"I would be happy to Doctor."

You couldn't see behind his mask but his eyes were enough to see that he was happy.

"Thank you Y/N you won't regret it."

"I know."

You wanted to hug him, but you were scared that you couldn't.

"Don't worry about the rumors you've heard about, they were lies that I told in order for them to keep a distance from me."

That was all you need to hear. You hug him, he holds you tighter as he gently strokes the back of your head.

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