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Thank you for finding time to give the right words of heartfelt condolences for the death of my father-in-law. 

Anyways, some of you are curious/interested to know about me and my family. I'm open to you guys, you can watch our life in our YouTube Channel: Nicole and Neilani. 

Yeah, I have a funny and happy family. We're enjoying life and would love to extend positive energy to people. 

Alessandro's POV

This is really crazy. 

I blamed myself for not keeping my mouth shut. Nonna kept on asking about Lisa last night because she wanted her to join us again this weekend. I told her that she was on a vacation leave to be with her family. I ended up telling nonna the truth. She was like a child asking too many questions until she was satisfied. 

This morning during breakfast, she wanted us to meet Lisa's family.

"You and Lisa are in a serious relationship, you're not teenagers who just want to hang out and play silly games. Sooner or later you'll get married and have kids! We should be there to support Lisa's family. They will be our family too in the future."

"They need their privacy right now and her father would be resting after the surgery." I did not want to elaborate to her that Lyndon would need a peaceful and quiet environment. Being droggy and in pain once the anesthaesia would wear off. 

"Of course! We're not going there to party but give them emotional support. They need it right now. Besides, it's a great opportunity for me to meet them while they're here in New York."

"But nonna..."

"No buts. I'm old and I don't have more years to live here on earth. I have to do what I must do right now, time is running so fast!" Nonna demanded, her voice was getting louder and louder. "I want to know Lisa's family, the family that you'll be getting into in the near future."

I did not have any choice but to comply with her wishes. There was no escape. She would not talk to me for days and would look so miserable if I would not give her what she wanted. The last time when she asked me to take her to a Julio Iglesias concert here in New York and I did not comply, she went back to Italy right away and ended up in the hospital. I had to travel to Italy and cancel my whole week appointments. 

I arrived in the office very early. I went out of the elevator and looked directly at Lisa's table. The office looked dull without her sitting on her table. Maybe I was just used in seeing her everytime I went out of the elevator. 

I stopped on her table and looked at the neatly arranged things on her table. The stapler, puncher, memo pad and a can containing colourful pens and pencils on the right side. On the left was a tray of incoming and outgoing files. 

I went around to check the incoming files, if there were documents and budgets needed my approval, vouchers to be signed or anything. I wanted to get into it so I could leave the office early and see the Brooks in the hospital with nonna. 

I sat down on her ergonomic chair and my foot immediately collided with something soft like paper underneath her desk. 

I pushed myself away from the table and saw a bouquet of red roses. I stared at it for a few seconds, flustered why she had these flowers underneath her table. 

Where the hell did these flowers came from? I did not send her these damn roses. 

I took the note that sticked out between the flowers and read it. 

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