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Maisie's pov
I don't want to leave, I can't believe the summer has gone by so fast and now I have to go live with my dad for the school year. I can't moan he's great I just hate school.

As I was saying my goodbyes to my mom she squeezed me extra tight and told me to call her when I got there, my dad lives in Chicago just moved there recently with my stepmom, who works as a nurse.

{time skip}

As I made my way down the hall of the airport I text my mom telling her I landed, she worry's a lot I feel so bad for just leaving her alone all the way in LA.
Dad said he was going to meet me at the entrance but there was no sight of him. I sat down among the groggy, tired looking strangers waiting for him to show up.
20 minutes goes by and he finally turns up engulfing me in a hug straight away.

"I've missed you kid!" He practically yells. I couldn't help but smile and return "I've missed you too dad.
We made our way across the parking lot and pilling into the pickup truck.

The whole way back to the house was full of laughter and filling each other in on our lives.
We pulled up to the house, it was decent nothing compared to moms. I made my way up the wooden stairs and opened the door the instant feeling of warmth hit my face. Dad was bringing in my boxes so all I had was my suitcases.

As I turned the corner into the living room I saw two women one I'm guessing was my stepmom.

"Hi sweetie my names Veronica but you can call me V, I'm so happy to finally meet you I've heard so much of you from your dad Kev" she says bringing me into a hug. I like her already as we parted the woman behind her caught me eye, she looked around early 20s, dark hair, skinny and was gorgeous.
"Maisie this is Fiona she lives next door" V introduced me as she slowly made her way towards me with a smile lightly waving her hand.

"Hi I'm Fiona or Fi for short, I would love to introduce you to the family as your dad and V are apart of it so please all three stop by later tonight?" She asked well states as she winks and walks out the door.

I think I'm really going to like it here.


Well this is it for chapter one hope you guys carry on reading.❤️

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