HunHan (Pt.2)

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What Zitao had said was pretty much right. If they needed us to court them first, then we might as well go on at least one date before they officially chose us. I wanted Luhan to be as confident in choosing me as I was in choosing him. It seemed like he was already, but couldn't hurt to be sure.

I looked over at him, finding him looking at me as well. We shared a look, and I could tell he agreed with Zitao. "I agree," I spoke up, causing them to look at me. "We should allow you guys to be confident that you want to be with us. Like you guys said, Zitao and I are still young. But while I'm certain we want who we want, it seems like a couple of you guys are still unsure. And, by that, I mean Yixing and Zitao."

"And you're right, Se," Baekhyun said. "A couple of us are uncertain. But does that mean all of us need to do that?" Minseok looked at him like he was stupid.

"Of course we do," Minseok said, his attention then turned to us. "How much do you guys actually know about us? Other than our ages, names, and ranks, you don't know all that much. And even then, you need you court us like we said. Us just choosing you goes against everything we were taught, and against everything that is our personal morals. We want to get to know you guys first. Because I promise you, there are quite a few things you guys don't know."

"Then it's settled then," Junmyeon said. "We will take you guys out on dates, and get to know you guys better. I was already planning on doing that with Yixing, so it works out." We all nodded in agreement, getting up. The Flower Boys all looked at each other and seemed to silently scream before running towards their rooms. We heard the six doors slam in unison, the rest of us just looking at each other in shock.

"I don't know whether I should go help him get ready or not," Chanyeol said, looking towards Baekhyun's door. We all just shook our heads, knowing it probably wouldn't end well.

"Something tells me you'll get flipped again if you do that," Jongin said, and we all agreed. He just shrugged, joining us all on the couch.

"This should be a fun day," Jongdae said. "I get to spend the entire day with my lover and get to know more about him. What could be better than that?"

"Marking him at the end of it all."


Luhan and I were sitting in the park, simply talking and enjoying each others company.

"And then when I turned 9, I met Jongin and the rest of them. They took me in, and basically raised me from then on out," I told him. I had been talking about how I met the guys, and why I stuck around with them even though I really didn't like being a Playboy.

"Wow. So you guys have known each other since you were kids. Sound like me and my group," he said, sipping on his cherry bubble tea.

"Yeah. How exactly did you all meet again? Like I know you guys were born into the gang or whatever, but what happened beyond that?" I asked.

He seemed hesitant to answer. "Well, it's like you said. We were all born into the gang. But, we haven't known each other as long as you might think we have."

"We call children pups, in the gang. And when a pup is born, they are with their parents for only eight months before they are taken away. They don't want the bond between parent and child to be too strong. The pups are taken to the main headquarters in Gwangju, where they are raised from then on by the Pup Watchers. They don't leave the headquarters until they are nine or ten.

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