Chapter 2 Blackout!

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Taehyung; i forgot to mention that Jungkook's little brother will be staying here do you two know each other

Jimin; she's the new girl at my school

Jimin's pov

She is that one new girl i have been looking at all day long and can't take his eyes off of her she is so cute!

Taehyung; Y\N!

Y\N; uhh coming

Jimin; ah so cute

*he mumbled quietly*

Taehyung; well it looks like i don't have an extra room so you are going to sleep on a bunk bed with Jimin.You get the bottom bed

Y\N: uhh why am i so unlucky

Taehyung; It's fine he is a really nice guy hehe

*he giggled

Y\N; uhh stop it it's not FUNNY!

Taehyung: it's fine geez it's only for three months now go to bed it's really late

*you go to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night

Jimin; Ah! my knee

* Jimin hits his knee on something


*you giggle softly and go back to sleep

*the next morning

* the alarm goes off so loud that it wakes up you and Jimin

Jimin; ah what is that i didn't set a alarm

*you wake up and turn it off and get ready for school

Y\N; well it is time to get up you don't want to be late right

Jimin; i can wake myself up

Y\N; Sure!

*You get up brush your teeth and get ready for school

Jin; soo Jimin and Y\N do you want for breakfast

Y\N; uhh i don't really want breakfast

Jin; what nonsense breakfast is the most important meal of the day you're going to be so hungry

Jimin;i'll have pancakes

Y\N; guess i'll have the same

Jin; pancakes it is

*Jin goes to the kitchen and makes pancakes he put the batter in the pan

Jin;here are your pancakes

Y\N; what that was fast

*you and jimin eat breakfast and Taehyung drives you to school

People; Whisper Whisper Whisper

Y\N; are people talking about us

Jimin; Yeah I think so

Y\N; what if they are making a rumor oh no

Jimin; this isn't the first time people were saying rumors about me but it's always girls

*you both sigh

Teacher; Blah blah blah blah blah blah

Y\N; i cant stop thinking about what they were saying about me

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