Chapter 20| I didnt say it back

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I step off the plane after a few hours of nothing but anxiety, the next emergency flight was on the same day to my very fortunate luck. I step inside the airport as all the memories of Finn suddenly come flooding back. What if he doesn't want to see me?

I keep my head down to avoid the swarm of paparazzi, my phone keeps buzzing but I know for a fact it's Jacob, which is why I'm so keen on ignoring it.

I rush to the toilets to get changed into something a little more suitable for Atlanta weather. I get out as i'm  suddenly getting pelted with flashing cameras and people yelling.

"Millie! Millie" the roaring crowd screams.

"Where's Jacob?"

"Is it true that you two split?"

"Millie over here!"

I keep my head down and hop into the next available taxi- all that's rushing though my head is Finn.


It's currently 8.02 pm and it's starting to get dark, I lay my head on the cold window as I feel it moving to the beat of the song that's currently playing on the radio.

What if he hates me for leaving?

What if he never wants to speak to me again?

I finally pay the man and make my way to the trailers- all the lights are off leaving it pitch black except for the occasional street lights. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion, where is everyone?

I walk up to Sadie's trailer and peek through the window, no lights or anybody in the now deserted trailers. Surely they couldn't be anywhere else.. right?

I retrieve my phone from my pocket as I dial Noah's number, after a few rings he finally answers.


"Noah where are you?" I say cutting him off.

"We're all at the beach, why?" I hear the sudden suspicion in his voice. I feel a smile tug at my lips. Bingo.

"I just wanted to make sure you guys got home safely, got to go-bye" I say quickly before hanging up, praying to god that he didn't realise the lie in my tone.

I leave my luggage at the trailer as I manage to catch up to the same taxi, asking him to take me to a new location- the beach.

"And hurry" I gasp.

My phones suddenly vibrates grabbing my attention, I fish out my phone from my pocket as I type my password in and open instagram, I tap on a video that's mentioned me in the comments. The videos a few seconds long but manages to bring my lips to a smile.

The video starts off with me and Finn looking at each other on the panel, the day he had his panic attack. The music 'falling in love' in the background. It then skips to Finn running off the panel as I hesitate before running off after him.

I look at the caption that reads-'Fillie forever" I feel another tug at my lips that spreads to a smile before I lock my phone and put it back into my pocket.

Finally when the taxi pulls up I find the beach deserted except for one fire crackling with four figures sitting around it, as I get closer I manage to see Sadie, Caleb and the rest. I take a deep breath, heart in mouth when my eyes lock at Finns back.

He's further away from the group, standing just by the shores, watching the waves.


I take off my shoes and start running my way to them, ignoring the tingiling sand that slows me down. It's him, it's always been him.

"Finn" I yell just before I make it to Sadie and Noah but he still doesn't budge. They all look back at me through stunned glances.

"Millie?" Caleb calls out in shock when I run past the bonfire, Finns back is still facing me.

"Finn" I call out once more that grabs his attention, he turns around, his eyes locking with mine. I suddenly stop in my tracks, he's only a couple of steps away from me.

"I didn't say it back" I pant, looking back at him with plead in my eyes, waiting for some sort of reaction. Please forgive me Finn.

His lips stretch into a small smile, his irises flicker with hope but at the same time; damage. I done this to him, the one person I never, ever wanted to hurt ended up by getting hurt.. from me.

"You don't have to" He mumbles right before he walks up to me, closing the gap between us. His lips suddenly crash mine, moving in sync as I feel sparks fly and my body electrify. His hands cupping my cheeks, pulling me closer.

This feel-

We part to catch our breath, I look up as our gazes meet, a few silent moments pass by before he pulls my body to his in a hug, laying his chin on my head as I bury my face onto his shoulder, feeling every emotion slowly drowning me.

Because it's him-

It's always going to be him.


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