favours or for love

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after the eventful day the serpents had had it only seemed to get worse for Celestia jones she was basically kicked out of her dads trailer because of betty's selfishness and to add to the long list of problems jughead had decided to run for student body president with betty as his co- president which would not only drag attention to the serpents but could also end up with them being targeted

they were all currently sat in the auditorium listening to reasons as to why each and everyone of the candidates should be elected alice being the leader spoke first "Okay, now just a quick reminder, that this school hall is a PTA sponsored event.Oh, looks like we have our first question." everyone turned around to see sweet pea and fangs standing and Celestia sat holding his hand subtly while he asked his question"Yeah, no offense to the, uh, current administration, but it doesn't feel like anyone's looking out for the students who are being bussed in from the Southside.Is that gonna change?"he sat back down next to his girlfriend and she smiled at him whispering "that was cute " and he smiled back jughead answered his question" Absolutely, Sweet Pea, that's our priority.And no one should feel marginalized or excluded here." then betty added to jugheads previous statement "Jughead and I will be representing all students, North and Southside alike." Celestia mumbled a 'bullshit' and glared at her brothers girlfriend for taking her bed and taking over everything just to prove a point to her mom

Alice swiftly moved on and said "Next question.Yes, Midge?""My question is for Archie and Veronica. Rumor has it that your parents will soon be on opposite sides of the Mayoral election, won't that negatively affect your working relationship?" veronica answered with " Archie and I adhere to the old maxim that politics are never discussed at the dinner or the cafeteria table" earning a laugh from the crowd archie also answered "Veronica and I are on the same page about everything, including her family's plans for a prison on the Southside."boos could be heard throughout the hall and veronica continued" In the meantime, however, we're committed to improving the quality of life at Riverdale High, which means more extracurriculars" veronica was interrupted by josie " Reggie and I agree.Except, add the fact that we can and will deliver results." then reggie added in "And we're chill, unlike these guys." causing everyone to laugh Celestia also had a question so stood up and her boyfriend gave her smirk she waited for alice to call on her then began speaking "how it feel to knock down the hopes of eight teenagers dreams of their old school potentially being re opened?" veronica then smugly replied "it feels great seeing as its going to open endless horizons for the people of riverdale" Celestia's face fell and she stormed out with sweet pea following her they made it to the lockers and her rage had bubbled out of control

she began punching lockers and walls sweet pea came up behind her and held her hands in his while embracing her she let out a groan as the pain hit her "hey hey hey calm down babe your gonna end up breaking you wrists and you need them" she breathed heavily "fucking smug rich bitch thinks she can do what she wants just because her fucking dad has all the power he's taking everything away from the serpents and i'm not gonna stand for it" he smiled at her "damn you hot when your angry" her expression softened slightly "i'm just pissed off" he looked at her and said "why?" she sighed "well betty thinks its ok to come into our house and take over the trailer my dad and jughead had the pull out bed and betty had jugs bed and i was fucking left on the floor of the kitchen basically sleeping in fang and pea's bed i had to use them as a blanket" his eyebrows lifted in surprise "why didn't you call me and come to my trailer?" she looked up at him "we were still on only speaking terms" he nodded in understanding "well you can stay at mine until betty decides to stop playing her sulking game and gives you and jughead your bed back"

she nodded and hugged him as everyone began to come from the auditorium sweet pea got a text from fangs telling them to meet everyone in the chemistry lab they did as they were told and made their way there hand in hand when they got there everyone was already seated and waiting including betty which Celestia thought was strange but didn't say anything about it and sat on a desk at the front while sweet pea stood beside betty and thats when the discussion began with sweet pea speaking up

"You promised us a war.Then you're on stage looking like Buddy Holly, sucking up to the Northside?" to which jughead argued back

"We need their votes, Sweet Pea.It's the only way that we can affect any change.Whoever's elected gets a seat on the School Board.That means we're on the inside, that means that they can't silence us."

Celestia walked up to her boyfriend and wrapped her arms around his waist while looking up at him in adoration while he wrapped his arms around her and continued ranting "You and the Northside princess, you mean?"

jughead's face was crossed with confusion until he realised"Wait, is that why you guys are pissed? Betty's on our side!"

Betty then piped up and argued her side"Yeah. I've helped the Serpents on numerous occasions.I helped find the Pickens statue's head, I got Cheryl to testify in court so FP, your king, could get early parole."

sweet pea scoffed "You did all that for your boyfriend, not the Serpents."

jughead had finally had enough and yelled at sweet pea "All right, take it down, Sweet Pea" but he was having none of it and answered back "What, it's only a matter of time before she bails on us, just like her mother."

betty then spoke again "Okay, so your objections aren't even about me, they're about my mom" "Her legacy, yeah.She's an enemy of the Serpent State taking shots at us in the Register for years, blaming us for crimes we didn't commit."

Celestia finally spoke up"lets face it Running with a turncoat's daughter is a slap in the face." the couple glared at her and sweet pea continued "And for that reason alone, you're not getting the Serpent vote." and with that all the serpents dispersed from the room and to their classes until later that day


all the serpents were at the wyrm when jughead came running in looking panicked after he had gotten a phone call from betty, Celestia was sat in sweet peas lap passionately kissing him until jughead spoke "guys we have to go help betty " sweet pea snarled back "and why would we do that?" jughead scoffed "because shes one of us so get you asses up and get going" Celestia's jaw dropped "no talk to us nicely then maybe we'll help you right guys?" she looked around to see everyone nodding and jughead growled in frustration

"fine will you please come and help me betty is in trouble" Celestia smiled then stood up "thats better yes we will come on guys" and with that everyone got up and headed to their motorcycles and started them up jughead's bike was parked next to his sister's "so what exactly is it we're doing to help betty?" he put on his helmet and replied "that mans ex girlfriend came along to the cooper house and is threatening them so we gotta i dunno kick the door down" her eyes lit up and she revved her engine and shouted to everyone surrounding her "last one there has to buy the drinks when we get back" and she zoomed off

everyone eventually followed until they got to where they were headed. when they got there yelling could be heard from inside so they rushed off their bikes and took out there switchblades jughead at the front and the others behind him sweet pea was next to his girlfriend when he whispered "be careful" she kissed his cheek quickly and replied "i always am but you too" a sudden crash was heard and it was her brother kicking the door off of its hinges they all stood

Celestia speaking first"You think you two can take all of us?" the unknown woman turned to betty and replied "You brought back-up? Does that mean you want me to go to the Sheriff's, start making a stink?"

betty smirked and said " Well, that's your call but my back-up and me, we're friends with the Sheriff's son, so whose side do you think he'll pick?" the jughead butted in" The Coopers are one of the most respected families in Riverdale. You two are just a couple of Centerville scumbags." betty was now smirking and said cockily "Anything that was in your car, the swamp washed away, else we'd have heard about it by now, so why don't you just grab the money and run." the two people ran like the wind and jughead apologised " Sorry about your door, Mrs. Cooper."


the next day all the serpents at riverdale high were gathered into a room where alice stood at the front strangely Celestia thought it was a lecture and mumbled to herself "oh brother" and rolled her eyes while sitting next to her love and alice began "I asked Jughead to thank you for me, but I reconsidered, because I wanted to do it myself.So, thank you for what you did.I also wanted you to hear it directly from me that I am done attacking and disavowing the Southside.It's where I'm from, and I should be proud of that.And from now on, I will be.And like my daughter, I will fight tooth and nail for it." everyone looked at each other confused as to why she had such a sudden change of heart but all smiled realising it was one less enemy they had to face

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