Chapter 19| It's always been him

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The whole entire flight over to the Bahamas was terrible, one of my worst flights yet. Mostly because I had to hold back the tears infront of Jacob- mostly because I let Finn go.


I need to see him.

I know I'll see him again soon, but I'll see him differently, and he'll see me in a new light. He loved me and I loved him, but the reasons why I couldn't go with him are too long and too complicated.

I love him- I know I do.

I should have at least said it back.

We just arrived at the hotel, the temperature only about a gazillion degrees. The lobby is the size of the whole set, most of the staff recognised us which was pretty cool, making our way to the hotel rooms, I take note of how stylish and polished the halls are, I mean, fair play.


I twist open the handle and walk in, already running up to the balcony. The first hand view of the ocean and beach bellow is breath taking, the shore sands are empty as the breeze takes over. Woah- this beach really is reserved for only us, I scoff in amusement.

The only sound coming from the sea gulls croaking and the waves washing up on the shore. The sea water is so beautiful from here- it's a turquoise colour almost see through.

"You like?" I hear a warm presence from behind me say as I suddenly feel two muscular arms wrap around my waist, suddenly making me feel really uncomfortable.


I turn around and step away from his grip, covering it up with a grin,"Let's go eat, I heard the buffet is to die for!" I squeal dragging Jacobs bicep along side with me as I grab the keys and head downstairs, not even bothering to unpack.

We arrive at the restaurant and have a three course meal, Jacob rants on and on about how he used to come here as a child. We got to desert before I completely give up pretending to listen because all that came to my mind were flashbacks of me and Finn. All the times we were together.

"Mills don't go with him"

"That was really smart Mills"

"Even after I had to save you from his clutches!"

"Goodnight Millie"


"No worries, I'll take her home"

"If this is some sort of stupid game, I'm not in the mood to play. Your seriously hurt"

"Pl- please just pickup the bags and come with me"

"I think I'm having a panic attack"

"Because I love you-"

"Millie? Are you even listening?" Jacob coughs that sends me out of my flashbacks, I look up and give him my best plastered smile even when I really want it to be genuine.

"Yeah, sure I am" I nod.

"Let's go upstairs, I need a shower" Jacob grins as he stands up.

We make our way to the elevator as I notice how deserted it is. Once we get to the hotel room, Jacob grabs a hotel towel and makes his way to the bathroom before turning around to look at me.

"Wanna join me?" He asks over his shoulder, a devilish smile tugging at his lips. I roll my eyes in response.

"Go" I chuckle nervously, he moans helplessly before disappearing into the bathroom and locking the door behind him. I sigh as I fall into the bed, feeling the duvets hug me. Finn. It's always been Finn.

I shake my head, I shouldn't be thinking about him, not after I chose to leave with Jacob. It isn't fair for both of them. Reluctantly I decide that maybe now would probably be a good time to get some sun screen on.

I open up my suit case as I rummage around to look for it, scrunching my face up when I can't find it. It must be in Jacobs bag.

I reach for Jacobs backpack and unzip it, rummaging through it without looking. I suddenly feel my fingers wrap around something extremely familiar, I grab it before bringing it out onto the light.

My eyes bulge out of their sockets as I feel my jaw drop to the ground, it's a doll. But not just any doll.

Finns doll.

But that means that- it was him.... But how could that be possible?, we heard twigs snapping when I was with him the night of Calebs party?

I back away in horror, I- I need to get out of here. I need to book the next emergency flight out of here- because if Jacob really did send those letters-

then he's dangerous.

I reach for my suitcase and backpack zipping them both up, I look around for  any other belongings before I'm satisfied I quickly but silently leave, leaving the door slightly open. I rush to the lobby and hop into a cab straight for the airport-

Straight to Finn.


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