Prologue: An underserved enemy

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   The wind wailed and rustled the miles of trees. It pushed violently against a boy, who was running through the thick plant life of the forest. Twisted tree roots, weeds that grew up the trees, shrubs that made it nearly impossible to run through.

  It was as if the whole forest was fighting against him. The wind that fiercely caused him to struggle just to do stand on his feet let alone run.

   His arm ached and screamed in protest as he moved branches away from his face. He had hurt it earlier, keeping up running through the forest at the foot of mountains were way more complicated than it looked. All he could do was pulled it towards his chest and hope nothing would hit it.

   “You have to get the girl. Or else you’re doomed along with the rest of world” The words danced along with the leaves before they reached his ears.

  His green eyes narrowed as he continued to force himself against the gusts of wind. Dark clouds loomed above him, and moved out of the way enough to allow sunlight to stream through.

   “I’m trying” He growled as he pushed away the last few branches in his path.

  The air around him suddenly grew still as he did so. He stopped just at the edge of the clearing. A harsh breath escaped his lips as he examined the scene before him.

  It was actually a pretty wide clearing, wider then you would expect one to be in the middle of a forest. Grasses were knee high with a mixture of wild flowers that dotted it.

  A stream flowed peacefully in the middle of it, being the only sound apart from thunder that cracked in the distance. Over the meadow, and past the trees, you could just make out the faint outline of the mountains.

   “Just my luck” He muttered as he took a step into the golden field. Bare foot, the soil beneath his feet squished with every step.

  “I’ll going to have to cross this stupid stream to get anywhere” Surely going back wasn’t an option. Not after he had gotten this far. Not with an unidentified creature chasing not to far behind.

  But wading through water that who knows how deep it was with a numb arm did not sound much more fun than facing the beasts of the forest. He shook his head bitterley and quickly made his way toward the water.

  “Run little boy, while you still can. Bring the girl here. We can help her” The wind whispered.

  It was rare that the wind ever spoke to anyone. Rare that it gave instructions and advice that lasted more than a sentence or two. And the boy had no idea how to deal with that. Not once in his eighteen years of life had he ever of such a thing happening.

  But he didn’t have time to think about it. No time to wallow over it. He needed to find whatever it was the wind was telling him. Find whatever that would cause the stupid prophecy to end.

   A wavy image of a cottage appeared on the other side of the stream, it wavered before the wind blew it away. He stared at where it was, trying to think of why it would show.

  It was the middle of nowhere. Who was going to build a small house here? Even if they did, what would be the point of even taking it down?

  “Bring her here. We can help her remember” He fought back a shutter as he glanced over his shoulder.

  Time was quickly being something he couldn’t depend on. He was running out  of it. But here, in the middle of nowhere, the wind had dragged him. And he needed to know why. Even with the risk of being caught by who knows what.

  He made his way to the water as quickly as possible, and when he could feel the mud under his feet, he bent down. He protectively held his injured arm to his chest while he used the other one to cup water in it.

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