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Thought We Were Touching Eternity

Your POV

I'm tired!

Her dorm is like in the sixth floor, I can't climb up from the outside of the girls' dorms without getting the height issues but she is worth it!

The girl I'm talking about is no more than Kousaka Honoka, ex-leader of one of the most popular school idol groups in history, Muse. I still remember how we met each other and I always laugh about it.

It's a cliché but it was the first day of my first year in high school, just three days after I moved into Japan thanks to my parents work. Either way, I was really nervous about it, worst case is that my parents came up with the excellent idea of enrolling me into Betsunokikai, maybe the most privileged schools in Japan. Just imagining myself surrounded of rich people with me only being accepted because of my grades and not paying the usual fee for that prestigious school was really tiring me out until I saw her, above me.

That accident was our fault. Summarizing it, she was getting late on her first day while I was just too distracted because of my nerves that I didn't saw her coming from a corner making she to crash right into me and to take both of us to the floor.

At the beginning she had the wrong impression of me. Her bread that she was eating before crashing into me was now in my mouth with her still holding tight the other end of it. Rare case, she didn't' call me a pervert but a bread thief, still when we both got up she gave me the part of the bread that fell into my mouth and then she continued running.

The days to come were more or less the same. We were aware of each other and stopped at the same place we crashed to chat a little and then we continued to our schools until one day.

A month after we met, I got the brilliant idea to invite her to a date and she gladly accepted, that date was when I confessed my feelings and she confessed hers too, after that we started dating.

The years that passed after that are the ones written in history. Muse was created the year after we started dating, lasted one year and then they had to separate. Honoka was recognized everywhere she go while I was known as her assistant. And now we are here, in the University!

Muse got reunited again but only as friends, they didn't do a comeback or something.

As of now, I'm resting just a floor below Honoka's room, seated on a window that belongs to Eli-san and Nozomi-san's room.

"Here, have some" I turned around with my legs still hanging loose from where I was seated. Eli-san came to me and gave me a bottle of water which I started drinking immediately after I grabbed it.

"Hydration is important, even more for a rather strong action~" Nozomi-san walked until being beside Eli-san with that typical calm smile on hers.

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