Johnny and Sid walked up and stood on either side of her. "Hey Mrs. Riggs." Said Sid.

"Hey Sid." She said followed by a more disdainful, "Johnny."

"We heard about the shoot out you had at the call center. Fucking bad ass." Johnny said.

"It was dangerous, reckless,and not something that should be looked upon as admirable." She replied.

"You hear about the big shootout at that gangsters house the other night? The one where someone massacred like twenty something dudes and shot down a police helicopter?" Asked Sid.

"I think I saw something about that on the news." Replied Jackie.

"Oh come on. We know you were involved. Don't play it like that. You're like a fucking super hero or something." Johnny said excitedly.

"He's right isn't he? You and your friends from that night when I gave you Rimjob's number. You guys did all that." Sid said.

"You have me mistaken for someone else. I don't know anything about anyone or anything called Rimjob." She replied coolly.

"I'll bet you don't." Johnny said sarcastically eliciting an elbow to the ribs from Jackie.

"Watch your mouth or I'll have words with your mother." Jackie hissed.

"Okay, sorry," Johnny said defensively while rubbing the spot where she hit him. "Why you always gotta bring my mom into my business?"

"I'll let you two pay your respects." She said before turning to walk away.

"Bye Mrs. Riggs." Said Sid.

She got a ways away from them when Johnny came running up and got in front of her. "Hey, uh, Mrs.Riggs you wouldn't want to go grab some dinner with me would you?"He asked.

"Are you asking me on a date Johnny?"

"Uh... I... yeah. What do you say?"

She slapped him upside the head and started walking away. "Say hello to your mother for me Johnny." She said while walking away from him. She stepped around her new car,climbed in the drivers seat, and drove out of the cemetery on her way home.


Emma had just clocked out and made her way out of the restaurant when Josh come in. She greeted him with a hug then they took a seat and ordered dinner.

"I've been worried about you."He said after the waitress left. "There has been crazy shit allover the news lately and I just knew you were at the center of it."

"It has been a hectic couple of weeks." Emma replied.

"But it's over now right?"Tell me this insanity is over."

"It's done. I personally put a large caliber bullet right between his eyes. Just like I said I would." She answer proudly.

"I'd tell you not to be so pleased by that, but you've probably been dreaming of this since you were a little girl."

"Oh my god, yes. You wouldn't believe how satisfying it was to watch his head explode in a shower of gore. Had the man had a brain it probably would have been even more spectacular." She said practically giddy.

"And your friends? Are they through or can I expect to see more of the aftermath of their antics?" He asked.

"It's over for all of us. All wrapped up in a neat little bow."

"Good for them I guess. I mean I'm sure they are nice enough people, but I'm more concerned with you getting caught up in it again out of some sense of loyalty."

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