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Lester sat in his chair with Jackie and Emma on the couch. They were waiting for Nikki to arrive eagerly. This would be the first time they saw her since she got out of the hospital. There was a knock at the door and he got up to answer it. He returned to the front room with Nikki. "Have a seat."He said to her motioning toward the couch.

"How are you feeling?" Asked Jackie.

"Not bad. I'm doped up pretty good right now. Hopefully it doesn't cause a relapse. The last thing I need right now is to start using again." Nikki answered.

"Definitely don't want to fallback into that." Said Emma in agreement.

Nikki sat down between the two other women and made herself comfortable. "You wouldn't happen to have something to drink would you Lester?" She asked.

"Sure." Lester disappeared into the kitchen then returned with a glass of water. "Here you go." He said while handing it to her.

She took a deep gulp the sat the glass on the coffee table. "I see you finally unpacked all your stuff." She observed.

"Yeah. Now that everything is settled I figured I could get settled in again. Get back to the old life."

"At least you have that option. After shooting up my office I'll be lucky if I can ever get a job again." Said Jackie.

"I"m sure you'll land on your feet somewhere." Emma said.

"If nothing else you could hire yourself out as a kick ass personal body guard." Nikki suggested.

"I'd like to keep the gun play out of my life from now on. I don't think that's too much to ask."

"Seems reasonable to me."Lester said.

"Speaking of weaponry, what happened to my knives?" Nikki asked.

"We dumped them in the Detroit river along with all the guns and other gear. Sorry." Emma answered.

Nikki shrugged. "It's cool. I got them real cheap off the internet. It'll only cost me, like,thirty-five bucks to replace them."

"On that note, we have a little something for you." Lester said while he got up, went to the hall closet, and retrieved a smallish bag stuffed full which he placed on the table in front of her.

"What's this?

"Open it up." Jackie replied.

Nikki grasped the zipper and opened the bag revealing stacks and stacks of cash. "Holy fuck."She exclaimed. "Is this real? Where the fuck did all of this come from?"

"We stole it from The Count weeks ago." Replied Emma. "We decided you deserved a cut since you helped us take him down."

"We also thought it might help you get custody of your daughter back. I know an excellent lawyer that is ready and willing to work with you whenever you're ready."Lester added.

"You guys are fucking rad. I'm going to get so fucked up off of this." Nikki said ecstatic. "Booze and hookers all around." They all gave her a dirty look. "I'm kidding. Jeez." She zipped up the bag and sat back. "I don't know what to say."

"You don't need to say anything. Think of it as the spoils of war." Lester said.

"Do right by that beautiful baby and keep yourself clean." Jackie added.

"And don't blow it all in one place." Emma finished.

"Fuck. You guys. You're the best." Said Nikki.


Jackie stood in front of Elijah's grave for the first time since the funeral. "I did it Elijah. I put a stop to the bad men who did this to you." She said to the tombstone. She didn't know what to do with herself at this point. For months she had lived and breathed vengeance and death. Now she had no son, no job, and no obsession to guide her. "What do do now Elijah?" She asked.

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