Emma agreed. "She has a point.I'm not going to be much use in this."

"You'll just have to come in with us. We have a few handguns you can use instead of the rifle."Lester said.

"Or you could stay outside and shoot the cops when they get on the scene." Nikki suggested.

"I'm not sniping police officers. That's where I draw the line." Emma said.

"We really can't get into a shoot out with the police. That's a fight we won't win." Jackie said.

"We need to be out of there before they arrive or we're not getting out." Lester said.

"What about the river? His property is right up against the water." Emma said.

"Does he have a boat?"Jackie asked. "Because I can't swim."

"Me either." Added Lester.

"I don't know." Emma admitted.

"We should find out if there is a boat before we go in. If there is a boat Emma could secure it and cover our exit from there." Nikki suggested.

"That could work, but how do we get the boat up and running. It's not like we can just waltz in and take the keys off a conveniently placed key rack by the backdoor." Jackie said.

"I can get it started. Hot wiring a boat is way easier than a car." They all turned to look at her. "What? Like you've never taken someone's boat for a joyride."

Lester began to wonder how many encounters with the law Nikki has had in the past. He didn't like to assume people were criminals just from looking at them, but Nikki had now removed all doubt. Not that he had any right to judge her at this point. "Okay we have a plan if there is a boat. What about a plan that doesn't involve me and Jackie drowning?"

"Here's another question. If we do escape by boat what do we do with The Duchess?" Jackie asked.

"I'm sorry to say, in that case, we'd have to leave her behind." Lester said.

"And if we don't?" Emma asked.

"Then she'll be our only way out." Lester took another good long look at the map. "We also need a better way in than just kicking in the door. Something that they'll never see coming."

"I could pretend to be a prostitute, get in, knock one out real quick then kill the guy, and get you guys in quietly." Nikki suggested which once more elicited dead pan stares from the others. "What? I saw it in a movie once."

"If we're thinking of the same movie you're remembering it wrong." Lester said.

"I don't think I am." Nikki said. "Regardless, what I'm saying is I can get in quietly and get a feel for the place before the rest of you commit to coming in guns blazing."

"That actually sounds pretty good." Jackie said.

"It's not the worst idea." Emma admitted.

"Let's put that on the back burner for now and come back to it later. Here's what I think we should do."


Jackie spent the afternoon in the kitchen cleaning and reloading the MAC-11's before packing them away in her purse for they're planned assault. Her nerves were a little frayed and she didn't like their plan one hundred percent. She couldn't place her finger on any one thing so she couldn't say anything about it, but something didn't feel right. This would be it though. One last fire fight to put an end to all of it. That was the worst case scenario. Best case, they catch The Count asleep and helpless. The chances of that, however, were near zero in her opinion.

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