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When Lester woke for breakfast Emma and Jackie were already digging in to a stack of french toast that Jackie whipped up. He sat down and piled some on a plate for himself. A little later Nikki came in with her hair frazzled and poking out in odd places. She sat down and began scarfing down food like a starved hyena.

"So what's your deal anyway?" Nikki asked no one in particular between bites. "Why are you guys doing this?"

"Her boyfriend poisoned my son." Jackie said. "So I hunted him down like a dog."

"I got sick of being bullied by my step dad so I'm going to make his life as miserable as possible before putting a bullet in his head." Emma said.

"And I decided paying extortion money to a gangster for the rest of my life would no longer be acceptable."

"Nice." Nikki said while forking more food to put on her plate. "You know my story about the rape and child services taking my baby away and all. I've been slowly but surely hunting down the trash who did that to me and slitting their throats. When those goons came to shoot up the group I thought someone figured out who was responsible for killing all their friends and came after me. Now I kinda feel like small potatoes compared to you guys."

Lester wiped some syrup off his mouth with a napkin an leaned back in his chair. "The question on everyone's mind, however, is what to do with you now that you know all our secrets." He said.

"What do you mean 'what to do with me?'" Nikki asked.

"He's right, You know too much." Jackie replied.

"No one would ever find the body if we buried her out in the back forty." Emma suggested.

"What the shit? Why'd you bring me all the way out here and tell me all this stuff if you weren't going to make me part of the team?" Nikki protested.

"I'll go grab a shovel out of the barn." Lester said while pushing himself away from the table."

Jackie and Emma grabbed her by the wrists and held her in her seat while Lester stood up and headed toward the door.

"Wait! What the fuck is going on?"

They all burst out laughing and released her arms then Lester sat back down. "Sorry, we decided to haze you a little while you were napping in the car last night. We couldn't help it." He said.

"Fucking ass holes." Nikki said.

"More seriously though. We need to decide what we're going to do with you. You know we're planning a major raid on The Count's house, but I'm of the opinion it'll be fine if we just drop you off somewhere and let you go on your own way."

"Can't I just, you know, help out? I can kill ass hats just as well as or better than you three."Nikki said.

"For the record I'm against that option." Emma said.

Jackie turned to Nikki. "Are you sure you want to get mixed up in this? There's no walking away once you cross this line."

Nikki shrugged. "I'm already into it balls deep. I might as well keep pounding away till the end."

"Good enough for me." Lester said while taking note of Emma's distaste for Nikki. "Let's finish up so we can get down to business." Once they finished eating all the food and cleaning up the dishes they laid out Emma's map in the center of the table.

"Right from the start I see a couple problems with this." Jackie said. "First, this is a nice neighborhood. The police will definitely respond when the neighbors hear gunshots and call them. Second, I see no way for Emma to support us without going inside where her big ass rifle will be mostly ineffectual."

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