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Lester combined the maps of the DA's movements with those of a tracker placed on Kessler's truck and grew quite confident the factory both men regularly frequented held significance to The Count's operations. His best guess: the place served as a base of operations of sorts where The Count handled most of his business. This had to be their next target. It would be like cutting the head off a snake. Now that Jackie had to stay with Emma he felt they needed to really up their game and put an end to what they'd started. This time they would need some legit information in order to plan an effective strike. Gathering it would be his task for the day. Get a feel for the place and decide when to make their move.Lucky for him he already had a way in.

Lester armed himself with a handgun and made a bus trip to the industrial sector of the city.Once in the right neighborhood he had to make the rest of the trip on foot. Using a map on his phone he wound his way through the streets occasionally passing a building still in use. When he reached his destination he slowly made his way around the old brick factory listening for any noise inside and checking for possible entrances including the all important roof access which, to his pleasure, h  found in the form of a ladder that came down from the roof and terminated about eight feet above the ground. They would need to give her a boost up but Emma would have a nice safe snipers nest to support them from. Unfortunately he couldn't find any other ways for him and Jackie to sneak in so he approached the front door where two men leaned lazily against the wall.

"Hold up right there bruh." One of them said she he got close. "Where you think you're going?"

"I was told I could find The Count here. I need to speak with him." Lester replied.

"You think we're just gonna let any nigga off the street up in here to see The Count?"

"Tell him Lester Acker is hereto talk business." Lester had assumed getting in would be easier than this, but he still felt confident.

The man turned away from Lester and held a finger up to his ear like he was listening to a radio earpiece in his ear despite the fact there clearly wasn't anything in his ear. After a second of listening to phantom orders he turned back to Lester. "You packin a cannon?" He asked.

This he had expected. Lester reached around his back and handed his weapon over without a fuss."Of course I am. This is a bad neighborhood. I expect to get that back when I leave."

"Sho nuff." The man said while opening the door. "Follow me."

Lester entered to find all the old factory equipment had been removed at some point in the buildings life leaving only a large open room full of crates and cases that looked military to him as well as several men and a few women performing various tasks including taking big blocks of what he assumed to be cocaine and dividing it up into smaller parcels. Off to one side he even saw a man inspecting what appeared to be some sort of rocket launcher before placing it gently back into a large case surrounded by at least two dozen identical cases. They walked up some old metal stairs to an office on what used to be the second floor of the factory. His guide knocked on the office door and from the other side of its frost glass someone bid them enter. The man opened the door and they walked into a room dominated by three plush leather chairs and a large wooden desk behind which sat The Count with his revolver lying on the desk top.

"This nigga came up to the door said he needed to speak at you." The guard said while pulling out Lester's handgun. "He had this on him."

"Which I handed over freely."Lester added.

"Lester Acker. Now this is a surprise." The Count said before picking up his revolver and going through the counting motions with it. "Leave us." He said to the flunky. The man left and Lester walked closer to the desk. "What can I do for you Lester?" He asked.

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