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Lester had tons of data from the GPS tracker on the district attorney's car all mapped out on his computer. It painted an interesting picture of the mans life and the odd places he frequented. He regularly goes to lunch at expensive restaurants and without fail left the office at 5:15 for instance, but he didn't always go straight home. On four occasions he went to a factory on the river which looked condemned from the pictures on Google Earth. A weird destination for a man of his stature. Three times he stopped at a strip club called King of Diamonds for several hours. Most of the remaining places seemed like legit places to visit such as the bank and a dry cleaning service. He doubted very much anything shady went down at the bank, but you never know with a dry cleaner. Those places are always a front for something in the movies. Still it probably wouldn't be worth looking into it. Not yet at least. Based on the data he should be going to the strip club tonight and Lester intended to be there to scope things out.

He left early knowing the bus ride would take a while and he wanted to get there before the DA. Lester tried to calm his nerves but he'd never been to a gentleman's club before. He spent the ride staring out the windows watching the buildings get smaller along the road out to the fringes of the city.Finally he reached a stop near the club and hoofed it from there.After a brisk walk he found himself outside the King of Diamonds. He stared at the sign for a moment to center himself before entering. I should have brought a gun. He told himself while his hand gripped the door and pulled it open.

A wall of muscle and loud music greeted him immediately. "Gotta pat you down homie." The bouncer told him. "Arms out." Lester raised his arms while the man's hands checked his chest and around his waistline to clear him. "Goon in."

Lester nodded and entered the club where the scent of beer and sex with hints of stale cigarettes and marijuana assaulted him. It might be best described as the distinct odor of desperation. On the stage a woman dressed as a school teacher, or perhaps a librarian, danced around a brass pole.He found himself a seat in a booth where he could see most of the room and more importantly the door.

A waitress wearing only an extremely short skirt appeared at his side out of thin air. "Can I get you anything cowboy?" She asked in an unexpectedly high pitched voice.

"Just a beer thanks." Lester said while trying to avoid eye contact with her bare chest.

She left, walking toward the bar, when the door opened and two men entered along side The Count who appeared dressed like a pimp all in green complete with the hat and cane topped with a large, presumably fake, diamond. He noticed the bouncer never checked them for weapons and Lester couldn't seethe bullet necklace around his neck so he assumed the three men were armed. The Count walked over to a booth in the opposite corner of the room and pulled a curtain closed concealing him inside. The two men flanked the booth looking imposing while watching the girl on stage who now wore nothing at all.

The waitress returned with the beer and he thanked her before taking a sip. He pulled out his phone to check the time and the GPS trackers movement. He should be here in a few minutes. He thought. He took another sip and put away his phone so he could keep his eyes on the door. As predicted the DA, briefcase in hand, came in shortly thereafter and made a beeline for The Count's concealed table. The two goons allowed him to pass and he opened up the curtain just enough to go inside without revealing anything behind it.

Now he knew they were meeting here regularly but it didn't really do them much good. They couldn't start a fire fight in the middle of a strip club. Too many extra bodies that could get in the way. He drew a line at indiscriminate killing. Drug dealers and other thugs were one thing, but the strippers and other staff of this place were a whole nother matter. He debated whether or not he should stick around at this point or just leave. Not much more could be learned at this point. Getting close enough to that curtain to eavesdrop would not happen with the two meat heads on the look out.

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