Chapter Twenty Four - Crashing

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She felt his presence again. Unsure how she knew it was him, she searched. Their first encounter left her fearful, his savage eyes yearning for something as he almost took ahold of her. She does not feel frightful anymore. Curiosity swirls her mind. 

Who was he? Why did he want to hurt her before?

What stands beneath her was a small hill, plum grass ticking her bare ankles. On one side a valley stretches as far as she could see, and what seems to go past the other side was pure whiteness fading from the grasses.

No wind, no movement. Everything so still.

Only her slow inhale and exhale of breath pervades. 

Another breath exhales.

"You," a male's voice sounds. He was before her again, muddle in his expression. Where did he come from?

This didn't matter. What matters was that he was here.

"Why did you try to hurt me last time?" 

Ignoring her question he speaks,"You don't recognize me?" A quirk, small twitch met the side of his lips. She sensed his emotions, eager swimming around her. He wants to know her answer.

This was strange, she has never been able to use her ability within a dream. This feels realer than before. Was this even a dream?

"No." she says. It was the truth, she doesn't know him. But he somehow recognizes her. Space closes between them, stopping just a few feet from one another.

"You don't—" he swallows, seeing through her. She's seen enough eyes to recognize his body may be here, but inwardly he's lost in the past. She wishes she could see what he's remembering. Perhaps they met as children. Or maybe they met in the academy, or he could have been one of her mother's patients. She wasn't sure. She would remember eyes as striking as his, but no memory comes to mind. 

"Why am I seeing you?" he questions instead. 

"How do you know me?"


"Ava,"  the voice of her mother calls out in a pitch of caution. Wide eyes search for her. What was her mother doing here again? Before she could move, she was awake. 

Eyes hastily waken, darkness prevailing.  

Sitting up, her eyes scan the dark. 

She was alone. 

Wondering what her dream means, she rises. There will be no more sleeping tonight. 

She wonders about the man in her dream, why she's dreaming of someone she doesn't even remember. The dream did seem real, with her abilities working inside it for the first time ever. This has to mean something.

This time he wasn't as hostile. Why? She wasn't sure but she would like to know.

Just as she gets up, an eruption vibrates the floor, the whole ship cascading. The ship lunges to the right, slanting downward following another explosion. Stumbling to stand up right, she falls on one knee. Lights glitch fleetingly on.

The vents ache, thundering odd noises. Listening with both her sight and ears, voices alarm from the hallways. Again, a distressful roar disrupts around her. The eruption was causing malfunctions throughout the ship, damaging it's armor.  

After the leaning steadies back into it's normal pose, she gets up. 

Her door clicks just as she took a step, someone emerging from the door. It was Kennet.

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