Chapter 43 | Fighting the Storm

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By now, it was in the middle of the day and Agent 34 had told every member of the Zena what was about to happen, and he was exhausted. All the men had gathered outside, and the women and children headed to the docks at the coast of Renya. 

Agent 34 walked outside where he saw Arenia and Marque standing on a makeshift platform that Agent 34 instructed them to make. The men had gathered in an unorganized group in the courtyard.

Agent 34 pulled himself onto the platform that his friends were on and grunted loudly. That got the attention of a few men that were close to the platform, but not all of them. He pulled a wand out from his boot and waved it around, casting a spell. Suddenly, his voice got stronger and he projected the words louder.

"Hello, men of the Zena," Agent 34 said, his voice reaching the men in the back this time. All of them turned to pay attention to him and stopped everything they were doing. "I appreciate you all for helping the Zena in its worst time of need. However, we will need to tell you all a few things before we go into battle with that storm,"

Agent 34 sighed and walked to the edge of the stage, slightly puffing his chest. He pointed to the Storm of Dark Energy as he talked. "That will be dangerous. That storm is unlike anything you've ever seen before. It consists of Dark Magic and pure evil. It can ruin anything you ever wanted in a heartbeat. No matter, we will find a weakness for it. Somehow,"

The men seemed a little disappointed by that statement and murmurs began in the crowd. "It-it has to have a weakness or some way to get rid of it. It's a manmade storm and should be possible to defeat," Agent 34 said. "Whatever is inside that storm, whatever can attack us and try to kill us, we must be prepared for it. That is why I–we are here to prepare you guys for," Agent 34 looked at his friends  with a daring smile.

"Here's the plan," Agent 34 declared. "You guys will stay on ground and fight whatever is down there. The evils, as Evilslayer told us. I discussed some stuff with him earlier and he said the best thing to do is to protect you all will by putting on some sort of tarp. It will protect you from the storm's evil rain while we fly up to the heart of the storm and see what's inside. If there is something up there that is causing all of this, we will stop it and hopefully end the storm for good!"

The men cheered, even though Agent 34 was unsure of his plan. He didn't expect anything to be up there but clouds, but he had to give his men some hope somehow.

However, they trained the men.

Agent 34 taught them some ways to defend yourself. He taught them that you can use your armor to block the attack, a skill he learned after carrying a gem on his hand for months. To block an attack from an enemy without using a shield, you need an armored hand or forearm. Simply throw it in front of the upcoming blade and pray that it doesn't break through the armor and cut your skin. If it does, then it's better than where it was going to land.

Marque showed the stronger ones in the mind how to cursebreak and manipulate the mind. Marque had been practicing mind manipulation for a while now and hadn't told many people yet, and decided to teach it to the men. He showed them how to force their ways into the opponents mind and manipulate them into doing what you wanted, like give you information about enemy plans and cause them to harm themselves or use them as an ally and kill other enemies.

Arenia taught almost all of them simple spellweaving spells. She taught them how to propel and lift objects with a force, and how to create a small spark of fire within their palms. Most of them got that one, but the ones that did were more powerful in spellweaving than the others.

After around three hours of preparation, the storm was nearly to them and the men were then given outfits made out of extremely thick cloth and masks to cover their faces. Agent 34 had some members of the Zena construct these quickly and tried to get them to make it as protective as possible with little to no holes so the men couldn't get hit by the rain. All of them slipped it on and waited for the storm to close over them.

Agent 34, Arenia, and Marque climbed onto Venon after he landed beside them. He himself had a giant tarp thrown over him, which was also covered by a blanket tied around his chest. He had a giant mask thrown onto his face with uneven eyeholes cut into it, but only one eye lined up with them. His wings, however, weren't covered. If they were, he couldn't fly with the weight.

"Destigems!" Thad called to them from the entrance to the Zena. He waved them down then ran over to them quickly. "I was in such a hurry when we landed that I forgot to inform you all of our newest alliance and our secret weapon,"

"Secret weapon?" Agent 34 asked. "New alliance?" said Marque.

"Yes," the dwarf nodded. "When I went to the Island of Death with Venon, we discovered that Ar'gual had the same idea and we decided to ally together to try to beat that storm. They are traveling here on boat and will arrive sometime during the battle or after. Whichever comes first,"

"The Ar'gual are going to war? As our ally?" Arenia asked.

"Yes," Thad answered. "I was surprised myself when they ageed. However, it is time to prepare. Everyone, get ready!" The dwarf hurried away and shouted to the soldiers in the courtyard that it was time.

"We must go quickly," Agent 34 said. "We need to get up there before it starts raining or Venon will be turned evil due to his exposed wings,"

Venon nodded, and took off. As they rose above the mountains surrounding them, they saw something approaching the Zena. It was walking through the mountains on horseback and dragon. 

It was an army. An army mixed of skeletons and venoms. There were two dragons flying slightly above them to conceal their locations from the Zena, a red one and a brown one. Two rode atop the red, one of the brown. Braunick, Agent X, and Vrängr.

It wasn't the evils that the soldiers would face in the storm. It was Braunick's army.

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