Hi everyone, and welcome to probably one of my favorite chapters in this entire book. I've been wanting to add this twist in the plot for a while now, so here it is, excuse the editing. ;P The song on the side describes Marshall and Dri pretty accurately, so that's why I included it, and make sure to take a look at the author's note, as usual, because it talks about my upcoming story!


Friday was a pleasant day at work, because I knew the weekend would be anticipated as it always was. I kept to myself, and when I came home, I was looking forwards to spending some quality time with myself. I wasn't very dependant on Marshall calling or texting me, because I knew he was in the final stages of tour development and last minute things, so I decided not to bother him.

Spending time by myself didn't turn out to be as lovely as I thought. There was nothing to be done and no one to talk to, considering how I lived alone, but while I laid stretched out on the couch, I contemplated the fight with Luna. And I ended up calling Dev, after not contacting him for a while, for reassurance.

His phone rang for a few rings, then he answered.

"Hey Dri," Dev greeted me in a low, ragged tone, as of he'd just been roused from a late afternoon nap. "What's up?"

"Dev, I really need to talk to you." My knees were knocking together as if I really needed to use the bathroom, my thighs impacting against one another as I writhed with anxiety. The more I thought about it, the more I overreacted.

"About what?"

"About Luna."

"Wait...what happened with Luna?" he began cautiously, voice lilting with curiosity.

"Oh fuck. Did she not tell you?" I swore before I could catch my tongue. If she hadn't told Dev, it must've meant she didn't want him to know, but I ventured on. I needed his wholesome opinion. "I wasn't sure if I should be talking to you or not because the way we talked about it, she made it seem like you were on her side, but I decided to anyway, I was going crazy and I just had to know."

"What happened, Dri?"

"Luna and I got into a fight over-" I started before he cut me off completely in awe.

"Hold up," he demanded, a little squeaky with shock. "A fist fight?!"

"What?...No! Dev, we're white."

He chuckled, amused, and I could almost see him rubbing at his eyes in order to wake himself up. "Aight, I feel it. I almost forgot for a second ya'll ain't black, but keep going."

"We got into an argument over how she thinks that I don't spend any time with you or her anymore, even though we're all close friends. She thinks I use all my free time now to be with Marshall...and honestly, she does have a point. I never really noticed how less frequently we've talked lately or how often I see Marshall, but after she brought it up, I just can't get it out of my head."

"Are you guys chill now?" Dev inquired, still obviously a little dazed.

"Not really...well, no. She shut the door on me after the fight and wouldn't talk to me, and I haven't called her or anything, so I really don't know."

"Why don't you call her up?"

"Why would I?" I wondered blankly.

"God damn it, Dri, she's your best friend. Don't you see, you're doing the same thing over again. I bet you she's waiting for you to call her and show her you care."

"I don't know though, I'm pretty sure she hates me. Has she talked to you lately?"