Chapter 30

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Carl's pov

Everything has gone to shit! Anders was found collapsed on the ground two days ago, and when he woke up...well, he didn't. Anders is gone now, Mads is still here, but after losing both Kyle and Anders he is not the wolf we used to know. He is angry and lashes out at anyone who gets close. When we found him we placed him in the clinic, but he attacked Doc Gordon and almost killed him, luckily I happened to be there and managed to subdue him until a nurse could shot him full of tranquilizer. Doc Gordon needed 50 stitches and had a nasty concussion, but he'll live. Mads is now in the holding cells, we are doing our best to keep him comfortable but I know it's not a permanent solution. Neither Anders or Mads would want this, and I know I'm going to have handle it. But how the hell will I live with myself after killing my Alpha and best friend? I'm not sure I can even do it.   

The pack is not in a good way either, for a werewolf pack the loss of the Alpha is devastating, and I am trying my hardest to keep order but the grief is thick. First we lost four members, then we lost our Alpha pair, a weaker pack would crumble. But there is no way in hell I will let that happen. Axel and Leila have stepped up to their responsibility as third in command and with their help, and with the support of my own Julie, the perfect beta female, I'm sure we can make it through this.

Yesterday Leila came up to me with a request I could hardly disagree with, she wants to keep interrogating the rogues to get the location of the hunters. Not to rescues Kyle, that is obviously not possible anymore, but to give the hunters the fate they deserve. So I handed her the rains on that. She has been spending time in their cell with them, and since I was going to visit with Mads I figure I could stop by and check on her progress.

The screams is heard almost the second I open the door to the cellars, and considering the rogues are kept behind thick steel doors I would say it's a safe bet she's not holding back. The sight that meets me is nauseating, the walls are covered in blood splatters and one of the rogues are hanging from his chains with a missing arm, one of his legs have been torn off just below the knee and his face is a mass of meat, bone, and skin. I can still hear a faint heartbeat coming from him, but without immediate medical attention, this guy is a goner.

"Oh, hey Beta," Leila turns to me with a much too chipper voice and smile considering what she's been doing in this room. She steps outside with me and closes the door so they can't easily listen in on our conversation. I can't help but be a little creeped out by her but Julie claims that she's 'super sweet and nice', so maybe I'm just reading too much into her sometimes cold and ruthless demeanor? "The guys didn't seem very keen on talking, but then I came to thinking that I only need one to talk, so I wanted to let them know what a slow painful death can really be like." Did I mention that the girl is ruthless? Well, she is. And I have to admit that it looks like she might be getting somewhere, the one she left to watch his buddy die a slow agonizing death looks scared out of his mind.

"You keep up the good work Leila, I'm gonna go see how Mads is doing today," her expression gets less chipper.

"I still can't believe that what I've been told about werewolves going crazy after losing their mate were true. Will Anders come back? It seems really unfair that this pack has to lose both Kyle and Anders," she tears up at the mention of her brother.

"I have seen werewolves survive losing a mate, but those wolves have always had children to give them a reason to live and keep them sane. Even in those cases, they have never been truly happy and most have killed themselves after their children have met their mates and they know they are taken care of. In his case, there is no one to keep him here except his pack, and sad to say that will not be enough."

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