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Taylor's pov;

There was a knock at my door I covered Tracy up as I got up from the bed going over to the door. I opened it peaking out and seen it was my mom "what's up mom, I said "it's school tomorrow right, your mom asked "yeah why, I asked "because it's eleven thirty and your company is still here, your mom said "oh dang fr I'm sorry ma time went by us, I said "mhm tell her goodnight and get ready for bed, your mom said "yes ma'am, I said. I closed the door and went back to the bed where Tracy was still laying down at "what she say, Tracy asked "she told me to tell you goodnight, I pouted "aww okay baby, Tracy said. Tracy got out the bed and got back dressed; she grabbed her phone and walked downstairs with you to the front door. "Bye baby, Tracy said "byee, I said I gave her a hug which turned into a make out session; I broke the kiss and opened the door for her she walked out waving bye I waved back as I was closing the door. I turned around and seen jordan standing right there I jumped a little holding my chest "fucking weirdo, I said; I walked past her going upstairs back to my room. I stripped out my clothes before getting in my bed; I turned the tv off and took my glasses off placing them by my alarm clock and dozed off to sleep.

My alarm started going off as I turned over onto my other side; I reached over to my nightstand turning off my alarm. I sat up letting a yawn out; I groaned as I got out the bed going over to the bathroom. I Went Inside and turned on the sink letting the water run on my rag; I rung out the rag and took it across my face and my eyes cleaning it. I finished washing my face and left out the bathroom; I went over to my closet and grabbed a pair of jeans with my tommy hillfiger shirt. I got dressed in my outfit and did my hair into a bun; I walked back over to my nightstand and grabbed my glasses with my phone before leaving out. I went downstairs to the kitchen thinking about Tracy before being interrupted by the bus horn "lets go jordan, I yelled "okay!, jordan yelled back. I walked out the door to the bus; he opened the doors for me as I got closer. I stepped onto the bus and headed towards the back where Tracy usually seats at; I seen her smiling waving at me. I waved back as I sat next to her kissing her cheek "good morning baby, I said "good morningg,Tracy said "how'd you sleep, I asked "good, Tracy said. Jordan came running to the back where we was; I rolled my eyes as she sat across from us.

The bus pulled up in front of school parking the bus; all the students got up and started walking off the bus in a straight line. I walked behind Tracy watching her booty jiggle from side to side I bit down on my lip as she stepped down the steps; she turned around and noticed I was watching her. She had stopped and bent over pushing her butt all on me; I couldn't resist it anymore I smacked her booty causing her to jiggle she gasped and bit down on her lip. She held onto my hand as we walked inside the school to our separate lockers; I went over to mines and twisted my combo in opening my locker. I searched around for my notebooks until I found them at the bottom shelf; I kneeled down picking them up closing my locker placing the lock back on.

I looked up and seen Jessica but Tracy was gone; I took this opportunity to mess with Jessica "what's up girl, I asked "oh nothing much, Jessica said "how about we skip first bell and chill, I smirked "yeah that's fine, Jessica smiled. We went upstairs to the old gymnasium where jocks take ballers at to get top but I'm different I'm the one giving; I opened the door letting her go in first. She went in walking further in as I was closing the door making sure it was locked "what we in here for, Jessica asked "for this, I said. I picked her up holding her butt as she wrapped her arms around my neck smiling in my face; I crashed my lips into hers as we stood there. I rubbed on her booty as we added tongue to the kiss.

I walked over to the nearest mat where I laid her down standing over her. "Come back baby, Jessica begged "yes ma'am, I smirked. I unbuttoned the pants she had on removing them; I spread her legs open revealing her nice thick thighs and her yellow panties from pink. I licked my lips as I just admired on how fat her cat was; I slid off her panties slowly making her wait. I finally seen it her beautiful nicely shaved pussy; I felt myself getting wet just from looking at hers. I got below and started to kiss on her cat teasing her I knew it felt good when she started to moan; I stuck my tongue inside her warm cat and started to lick around sucking on her lips. I added two fingers with my mouth she then went wild; she grabbed my head and moved me more below. She let moans which sounded so perfect "baby I'm gonna cum, Jessica moaned; I lifted up a thumbs up meaning okay. I went faster until I felt her squirt inside my mouth; i licked all up wiping the remaining off my face. She stood up and got back dressed and laid down next to me on the mate

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