HunHan (Pt.1)

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I don't know what I was thinking letting Sehun know what we had to do. The mating process was complicated in our gang. Plus he was 15. He was way too young. Emotional damage that can come from us doing things and then me possibly be having to leave is extremely high. His brain isn't even fully developed yet. 

He had stayed the night with me, causing me to wake up in his arms. I was met with a chest to the face, silently cursing him for being like six feet tall even though he was younger than me. But at the same time, I enjoyed it way too much. I felt safe in his arms like that. 

He stirred slightly, causing me to look up at his face. His eyes opened slowly, his sleepy gaze meeting mine before he smiled, pulling me even closer to him. 

"What are you doing?" I asked, my voice muffled by his chest. He buried his face in my hair, breathing out slightly as he did so. I just gripped his shirt a little tighter, unsure what to do. 

"I'm scenting you, I guess. Leaving my scent all over you, even if no one else can smell it. Kind of like a wolf would, I guess," he said. I could feel the blush rise to my cheeks but chose to ignore it. I didn't feel like addressing that at that moment in time. 

"We're not actually wolves, you know. We may have hints of a werewolf in our blood but we're not fully there," I explained, looking up at him. He reached up, brushing my bangs out of my eyes. 

"I am very well aware. But based on what you told me about marking and mating last night, that's about as close as I'm going to be able to get for now," he said, his hand cupping my cheek. "And since you won't let me do anything with you yet, I'll take what I can get."

"You know you really don't talk like a fifteen-year-old," I blurted. He chuckled, leaning forward and kissing my forehead. "Or act like one."

"You could say I was forced to mature early. Things happened when I was younger, and I guess I grew up pretty quickly. It's part of why I became a Playboy," he explained. I looked at him in confusion. What had happened?

"What happened when you were younger?" I asked. He shook his head, kissing my cheek. 

"I'll tell you once we get this whole thing with us wanting to be mates done and over with. If I get to keep you, I'll tell you. Okay?" he said, a small smile tugging at his lips. My lips tightened into a thin line. Clearly, something had gone wrong when he was younger. And I wanted to know. 

"Whatever, then," I said, making my way out of his grip. "I'm going to wake up the others. I heard Tao and Junmyeon get up, but the other's are probably still asleep." I got off of my bed, leaving Sehun to sit there by himself. I made my way down the hallway, banging on everyone's door. 

The set up of our house was pretty basic. We had a long hallway, with three bedrooms on each side. Standing at the entrance, there's Baekhyun's, Zitao's, and mine on the left, with Yixing being across from Baekhyun, then Kyungsoo, then Minseok across from me. A balcony was at the end of the hallway, and we each had our own connected to out rooms. 

Turn away from the hallway and you'll find pretty much everything else. There's the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom down another hallway. Sooyoung stayed down that hallway. Also in that hallway were the medical room and the training room, where we often fought each other for the sake of making sure we were ready to lead the pack. 

I made my way to the kitchen, starting on breakfast as everyone made their way to the living room. Junmyeon made his way out first, a giant smile on his face. Something good must've happened with Yixing if he was smiling that big. 

"What's got you so smiley?" I asked, finding myself smiling slightly. A visible blush crept up onto his cheeks,  and his smile got even wider. 

"Yixing may or may not have agreed to go on a date with me," he said. My smile got even wider as I turned to flip the pancake I was making. At least those two were making some progress. Yixing was friendly, but the son of a beta. He had a streak of being naive and cold at times, but he was still a good kid. I was happy for him. 

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