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6. The First Day.

“Aera, wake up.” Someone shook me slightly. “Five more minutes.” I mumbled sleepily. “Come on, honey. It’s your first day of school.” That same person stated. “Whatever.” I mumbled and shook my hands in the air, gesturing for the person to go away. It got really silent, which I was thankful for. However, the moment I began to drift off to dream land, I found myself fighting for a breath of air! Why? Because I was literally drowned in freezing water! Trust me, I’m not exaggerating, there were ice cubes! I coughed my lungs out and looked up to see Channing holding a small bucket and Chris and Harmony unmoving! Tears sprung to my eyes. Not only was I embarrassed, but I also was in sick need of oxygen. Don’t ask me how I did what I did next, but I just did! I got up to my knees first and then on my feet, took two steps to where he was standing and slapped him on his right cheek. It was not just any slap; it was the slap, the one that echoes all over the room, the one that leaves a mark on the cheek. He stood frozen and I took that as my cue to leave.

I took a hot shower to take away the cold temperature and got dressed in dark blue skinny jeans, a hot pink undershirt with a white sweatshirt over it that had the peace sign, a heart and a smiley face, hot pink Vans, an OMG necklace, a Rolex watch, my Ray Ban shades and an Eastpak Junior hot pink bag. I had my wavy hair in a high ponytail. I applied light make up, enough to cover up the bruises, took a final look at myself in the mirror and descended the stairs.

Once I arrived downstairs, Chris and Harmony appraised my looks, while Channing treated me like I was invisible. “Where are Dyl and Liam?” I asked. “They already went to school, so they could arrange everything.” Chris replied. I frowned. Who’s going to drive me to school? Well, I can easily drive, it’s no big deal. I got out the carton of orange juice from the fridge and emptied some in a cup. “Channing’s going to drive you to school and pick you up, because Dylan and Liam already made plans.” Chris informed me. I choked on my juice and started coughing vigorously. Once the coughing died down a bit, I decided that there was no way in hell he’d drive me to school and back. “It’s fine, I can go on my own.” I replied in a weird voice, ignoring the burn in my throat. “You need someone to look after you on the way to school and back. You never know when you could get another asthma attack!” Harmony said. “I’ll have my inhaler, so nothing will happen. Plus, I’ve got a driver’s license and I haven’t even had one accident. ” I persuaded. They all looked at me, frowning, of course except Channing; he didn’t even look at me. “What?” I asked. Then, I realized what I’ve said, I gasped and my eyes widened. “I mean, I … nevermind.” I sighed and looked down at my shaking hands.

Why in the world did I have to say that? Now, all the memories are coming back! I took in a shaky breath and tried again, “Chris, I can go to school on my own, it’s okay.” I said, my voice betraying me; showing the pain I felt. I was still looking down, so he said, “AJ, look at me.” I didn’t do as told, so he held my chin and lifted my head up, I still didn’t look at him, “Aera Joelle Anderson, look at me!” he said again, but this time I looked up at him. The look in his eyes, made me grit my teeth to stop from crying; a habit I’ve picked up over the years. “I promise you, it has nothing to do with what happened before, I’m just trying to be a good older brother and look out for you. So, will you please let Channing drive you to and from school?” He asked gently, while letting go of my chin. I stole a glance at Channing; he was staring at me; frightening me, so I quickly looked away and whispered, “I can’t” to Chris and he frowned. “Why can’t you or Harmony drive me?” I asked desperately. “Because we’ve got work to attend to.” He replied. “Why are you so against him driving you?” Chris asked. “Because it’s completely unnecessary. I can walk there, or ride the bus and next time I’ll go with Dylan and Liam!” I exclaimed. “AJ, I don’t want further arguments, Channing’s going to drive you and it is final!” Chris said sternly. I felt sick, truly sick. I wanted to throw up! How could he do that? I can’t go anywhere with him! I can’t be anywhere near him! Not after what he said last night!

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