Moving in...

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I strolled out the shop shaking my head confused at what the man had just done; forgetting I was still holding the lamp I was going to purchase.

Beep! Beep! Beep!
The shop alarm alerted as I stepped out the door, waking me up from my daydream.

"U-uh... OMG I'M SO SORRY I WAS JUST- I WASN'T STEALING!" I yelled and gave the lamp to the guard. I sprinted out the plaza and across the road with my suitcase in my hand. I sighed, but it was instantly replaced with a smile when i thought about my new apartment.

"To the apartment!" I enthusiastically yelled, pointing to the sky and carrying on my way towards my new apartment building. It is next to a roof top café, which I knew I would edit my YouTube videos in with a cup of coffee. I am a vlogger, and I do a lot of travel, which my views enjoy. They also like my bubbly and funny personality, (some say it's annoying - but haters' gon' hate).

I arrived outside the building and got my vlog camera out. "Sup everyone, it's a new day and today I'm moving apartments!" I brought the camera into the building and my new landlord gave me my keys. He was surprisingly welcoming and happy about me filming on the property but then he explained that there was another man in the building who did YouTube.

I unlocked my apartment door, "Moment of truth you guys..." I spoke to the camera. "Wow! I love it. Look at the view!"

Setting my camera on the side of my vanity, still recording, and unpacked my bag.

"Noooo! Chicken! ChIckEneU my gUrlfRieNd!" I hear from outside in the hallway next door, was that clucking I heard? Meowing? Beatboxing?

I just ignored the rattle and pulled a confused face at the camera, that will be fun to edit, I giggled. I put on my favourite song at the minute – Mine, by Bazzi.

"YOU SO F***ING PRECIOUS WHEN YOU-" I stopped singing along when I heard another noise come from next door. "SMILE!" Omg! They know the song too.

I turned the music off because I was interrupted again! This is a hectic place, no wonder it was on the market for so cheap. Someone, or something, was knocking at my door. I started to stroll over to the door, pushing my suitcase to the side.

I opened the door to find...

A Chicken?

"Sorry Lady, my chicken ran away!" Said a man holding a rubber chicken.

"Ummmm...." Did he just slap himself? Déjà vu.

"U-umm..." Is he going to pick up his chicken orrr...

"Um-m..." It was all I could really say.

Dedicated to: @KimTaex95 Hope you enjoyed the chapter! Until next time...      

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