(Attack on Titan) Annie Leonhart x Powerful Titan Shifter! Reader

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This was requested by Flamekilleril. Hope you enjoy. Also, the beginning will move pretty fast, so sorry. 

*Your P.O.V.*

          My tiny feet carried my 5 year old self through the woods as I search desperately for my, presumably, lost friend,"Annie! I give up! I can't find you. You win, so please come out," I pleaded in hopes of ending our game of hide and seek. 

           As tears threaten to flow Annie, finally, came out from behind a tree,"Calm down, (Y/n). I was right here the whole time," she said with a small smile. The tears forming instantly disappeared when she came into my view and I leaped at her hugging her and she laugh,"You've never been good at playing hide and seek. Why do you always think I'm going to leave you?" 

          I looked at her for a second, confused as to way she was asking since she already knew before answer,"My parents left one day and didn't come back, remember?" She immediately remembered and apologized for bringing it up. I thought back to a couple of months ago when my parents left saying they would be back soon and they didn't come back. The next day I went out looking for them and that's where I met Annie and her father. 

          "Let's head back. Father' son probably worried about us, now," Annie's voice dragged me from my thoughts before I could get lost in them. I nodded and she took my hand in hers leading me back. 

          It was a short walk back and we made it before the sun set, but we were still scolded for being so late. Annie was led inside by her father leaving me to follow after them. We ate in silence. I could tell something was wrong, but I had no idea what it was. Annie was acting, almost, scared. She stayed by my side and didn't let go of my hand until we went to bed that night. 

          When I woke up the next morning, Annie was gone and I heard quite talking outside. I slowly got out of bed looking outside, but I didn't see anyone, so I decided to take a look. As I stepped outside, the cold morning air hit me like a knife and it took me a moment before I was able to keep following the voice. 

          What I found wasn't anything like I expected. Annie stood in front of her father with tears in her eyes as her father yelled at her," You need to stop goofing around and start practicing! If I catch you playing with that little girl again you will regret it!" He stomped off heading back for the house.

          I wanted to go and talk to Annie, but my feet wouldn't move. I kept telling myself to move, to go see her, but nothing happened. I couldn't even move an inch. What is wrong with me?! She's my best friend. Why am I hesitating? 

          "You're only holding her back," a harsh voice spoke. I tried to find where it came from, but I couldn't find anyone around me. Then, it dawned on me, Annie was left unfazed as if she didn't even hear the voice. "You mean nothing to her. Give up," I gripped my head in agony as the voice continued to speak. 

          Before the voice could speak again, the ground began to shake. I looked up to see where Annie was, but she was already gone. "RUN!," demanded the voice and I listened. I didn't know where I was running, but I knew I couldn't turn back. That thunderous quaking of the earth, I've only experienced it once. I never want to relive that again. 

          Once I was far enough away, I finally came to a stop. I had no idea where I was, how I got there, or how to get back. I wanted to call out to Annie, but I knew she was too far away to hear me. Maybe that voice was right and all I did was hold her back.. 

          "I'm sorry, Annie," I whispered under my breath,"I'm sorry that I held you back" 

*Time Skip* 

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