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I stare at my cell phone in shock, watching as the screen changes from telling me I am on a phone call to Harper to it telling me she hung up before it finally cuts to black. I blink several times, desperately hoping I am sleeping, only having taken a nap on the Gordon's sofa and that the last three hours haven't happened.

"Come on, Princess, close your mouth," Parker says, in his overly smug tone as he walks past me standing in the hall, with a cup of coffee in his hand as he heads towards the hallway leading to the bedrooms. I close my mouth and gulp, finding my mouth is extremely dry.

"It was Harper. They are stuck." I say, my voice surprisingly emotionless. He pauses, glancing over his shoulder at me, his face darkened by the lighting and his eyes glowing in the dark. If I hadn't watched him walk into the hallway and had simply turned around in that moment to see him, I would have been petrified.

"Stuck?" He questions, his voice sounding overly controlled. I sigh, nodding and lowering my arm which is holding the phone to my side.

"Yeah. They got snowed in. She says the Keller's said it is only to get worse over the weekend." I say, my voice slower than usual as we meet eyes. He blinks at me once, then twice before shrugging and walking away. I perch my lips, internally not as unaffected as my voice was making me seem.

This was supposed to be a nice way for Harper and me to spend time together before I started university near New York while she stayed here. We wanted to do a road trip around America, yet this was the only weekend we could both get off work and we couldn't very well do a road trip in four days. Once Mr and Mrs Gordon, Harper and Parker's parents, heard we weren't going on our road trip insisted that we all come up to their cabin in Canada for the weekend as they hadn't spent any family time together this summer. I wasn't the only one who wasn't overly happy with this idea. Both Harper and Parker argued about it, yet Mr Gordon put his foot down and insisted that we all come, even me, who wouldn't mind it as much if Parker wasn't here.

While, I love Harper and her parents, Parker and I have never got along. We argue and he is an all-around jerk... a hot, sexy jerk, but a jerk nonetheless. Since we were young, he has always bugged me and I know I bug him as well and are always at each other's throats, driving Harper mad.

Once we all arrived, Harper and I had gone to her room in the cabin and collapsed onto the double bed, knowing that there wasn't much to do up here. Sure, they have those cool snow bikes in the garage, and an extensive DVD and book collection, but that is it. There is no Wifi and there is very bad cell signal at the best of times.

It was early on the Friday morning that we arrived, having got an early flight out, where I was placed at the window, Harper in the middle seat while Parker occupied the aisle seat. Surprisingly, this was the one thing we never argued about. I hated sitting anywhere but the window seat on the plane and Parker hated any seat which wasn't an aisle seat, leaving Harper the middle one whether she wanted it or not.

We barely got settled before Mr and Mrs Gordon insisted on going to visit their friends up here, saying they hadn't seen them since last year. As I had never met them, I was excused from going. Parker blank out refused to go, saying he put up with coming to the cabin but that was it, he wouldn't go visit with them. That left Harper, who then tried to get out of it, yet was told they couldn't go without at least one of the children and therefore she was given no choice.

It was snowing badly on the drive up the mountain, but the Gordon's four by four jeep with snow tires didn't have much problem climbing the hill, even if it was a slow drive. That was another problem I had. I am the smallest, leaving the middle seat as my designated seat. That's right, I was stuck between Parker and Harper, each ones hips pressed into mine on either side, giving me nowhere to go.

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