Chapter 1

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Diamond Ingram was seated in the back seat of the family Suburban staring at the scenery as they passed it. Pulling her earbuds from her ears as the last note faded from Maroon 5's song 'Sugar' she asked, "So, why are we going to Beacon Hills again?"

Mom huffed, and she saw her dad glance at her through the rear-view.

"Beacon Hills is full of the supernatural..." Dad began.

"Sounds dangerous," Diamond whined.

"... We hope to blend in there, keep you safe," Dad continued as if she hadn't spoken.

"Oh, that sounds exciting," Diamond sarcastically grumbled.

"We also hope to find female shapeshifter, preferably wolves," Dad concluded.

Diamond growled, then and turned to glare out the window. Keep her safe, blend in, find female wolf shapeshifters. That was what her parents wanted.

Was that what she wanted? No, she just wanted to be happy. She just wanted to be able to be herself and not have to worry about stupid Alpha "Crazy" Judd, who wanted her, one way or another.

Alpha "Crazy" Judd had come knocking a few months ago and told her parents he wanted her. He knew she was born wolf shapeshifter and since she was the only one, he'd found, and he had declared she was his.

He'd then told them he'd been searching for a true wolf shapeshifter female for two years and she was the first he'd found. Apparently, he thought because he was the strongest Alpha in Texas that meant he could have anyone he wanted, herself included! No amount of telling him "no" would change his mind.

So, here they were, leaving everything she knew behind and headed to Beacon Hills, California.

Diamond huffed out another growl as she leaned her head on the window. Her mom had always told her that a born female shapeshifter was rare, but she'd never realized just how rare. The fact was if Alpha Judd was to be believed anyway, it looked as if she and her mom were the only two of their kind out there. Only, she was the only unclaimed one.


"Diamond honey, wake up."

Diamond's eyes fluttered open at the sound of her mom's slow Texas drawl. She found her mom standing in the open door of the Suburban and smiling.

"We're finally here. Your dad is pulling out the mattresses and you and I will find blankets. It's late, we're all tired, so unpacking can wait until morning."

Diamond nodded and pulled her weary body from the vehicle.

Thirty minutes later, she passed out on her mattress after it had been thrown on the floor of the bedroom given to her.


Diamond woke up to the smell of sausage and being blinded by sunlight. Blinking her eyes at the light shining in her bedroom window, which was bare of any coverings, she tried to remember where she was.

Ah, yes. Beacon Hills, home of the supernatural apparently. The place her parents planned to hide her.

Pushing her blonde hair from her face, she sat up with a yawn. Standing to her feet, she glanced out the window. She noticed it was a nice clean looking neighborhood and the fact that there seemed to be a lot of trees.

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