Imani's P.O.V

I passed Jazzy and my ticket to the man behind the counter and waited for him to pass it back. I was so excited for this concert I was bouncing around like an energizer bunny. I took my tickets and put them in my back pocket. I pulled my ipod and Jazzy and I took a picture in front of the booth before taking our seats. I saved the picture and sent it to my mom quickly. We looked around and began pointing out ratchet girls. Most of the girls at the concert were half dressed or wearing colored hair, resembling the OMG girlz or Nicki Minaj. They were working too hard to attract Diggy's attention for Four Letter Word. They all looked the same so how did they expect Diggy to pick them out? I hate when people don't have their own style.

Jazzy and I laughed at an Emmanuel Hudson look-a-like and then swag walked to our seats. I was wearing black and gold shorts (black on one pant leg and gold on the other), a black and gold Diggy tee shirt with a cut at the neck line to show a little cleavage, gold hoops, and gold high top Supras. Jazzy was wearing a red and white Miss Diggy Simmons tee shirt, red shorts, white and red Jordan's, and white hoop earrings.

I sat down in my seat and crossed my legs. I was excited about this concert, but the last thing I needed to do was get too hype before the show even started and over heat in the middle of it. Jazzy sat next to me and we talked about our expectations for our first Diggy Simmons concert.

"I just hope that if Diggy throws something into the audience and it just happens to float towards me, the girl next to us doesn't try to fight. She know she ain't about that life" Jazzy said.

"I definitely agree. But, in a way I hope that he does pick me for Four Letter Word, but then again I don't" I replied.

"Why?" she asked.

"That's just doin' too much. I got to talk to him on the phone, I saw him in person, I got to go to a concert, and I get to see him backstage... Anything more is just too much" I explained.

She nodded her head and did the side duck face.

"I guess I understand" she responded.

"Exactly. So I guess I can say... I'm good" I added pursing my lips together.

"But, I also don't want to be slammed into this big ass security guard right here"

"I know right. Best believe imma stand up and sing and dance and holler to the top of my lungs, but I am not getting slammed into this humpty dumpty"


"But, I do want to see him really put on tonight. Like I mean I want to like go weak in the knees at what he does"


We rambled on for a few more minutes about our expectations and desires and then the lights dimmed down. Spotlights covered the stage and DJ SpinKing entered from stage right. The whole crowd cheered and I stood up out of my seat. My heart beat picked up, my hands began to shake uncontrollably, my legs went numb, and my stomach began to turn flips. I looked over at Jazzy who was cheesing like a Siamese cat and nudged her a little bit. I pulled out my ipod and snapped pictures of Spin and a couple of Jazzy and I. Suddenly, the crowd began to scream like animals and I looked up to see what was going on. Pictures of Diggy flashed across the screen behind SpinKing making me scream as well.

"Y'all ready for Diggy!!!?" Spin asked.

"HEEEEEELLLLL YEAAAHHH!!!" Jazzy and I screamed in unison.

"I SAID ARE YOU READY FOR DIGGY!!!!" he hollered.

"FUCK YES!!!" I yelled.

We all began to chant his name repetitively hoping to get a glimpse of his beautiful face. I swear I was the loudest though. We screamed his name for only a few minutes, though it seemed like hours. Next thing I knew the lights had gone completely off and then one spot light shown. And out of the floor of the stage Diggy began to rise up. He was wearing a black v-neck tee, black skinnies, black and gold high top Nike's, two gold chains (no pun intended), and the black and gold hat I got him. I smiled wide and let out a loud scream. I still hold my case on the fact that I was the loudest 'cause Diggy looked down at me, smiled, winked,.then waved. I waved back and clutched my heart. He is just so delicious!! Diggy then began to speak into the mic.

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