Chapter 17| I think I love her

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"Okay truth" Finn replies in boredom, my eyes fixed to my phone screen. We're currently all at Sadies trailer playing truth or dare minus Millie since she went M.I.A.

After about an hour of jumping up and down in joy after finding out we get a weeks worth of break before the final few episodes everyone decided to chill by Sadies.

The sudden one week break took everyone by surprise but then again, after 4 months of filming none stop. A small break was exactly what we need to get caught up in our studies, or maybe just chill off set.

"Who was your first kiss?" Sadie says, challenge in her tone. Clever girl. My eyes evert to Finn through furrowed eyebrows, this should be fun.

"Millie" he sighs slowly, everyone exclaims in shock- me slightly less considering Finn already told me this the second the kiss was done in season one.

"Wait- I thought you were her first kiss?" Gaten asks confused.

"Yeah but she was also his first kiss" I chuckle,"Little bastard told the whole world he already had his first kiss when in reality it was bullshit" I snort, everyone starts bursting into chuckles.

I feel Finns murderous glare from the corner of my eye, making my laugh even more.

"Does Millie know?" Caleb dramatically gasps.

"No.. and I'd like to keep it that way" Finn says through narrowed eyes.

"Sure dude" Gaten shrugs.

"Scouts honour" Caleb sarcastically says with a smirk, bringing a hand to his forehead in a salute. I chuckle at the sight.

A sudden ping from my phone interrupts our conversation, I avert my eyes back on my lock screen to see Milliebbrown- tweeted 39 seconds ago.

I was wondering where she was, surely she wouldn't ditch shoots without a valid reason. Something must be wrong.

"Who is it?" Gaten asks as I feel everyone glare holes into my skull, my eyes still glued to my screen.

I widen my eyes in shock when a sudden picture pops up with a caption, it's a picture of Jacob with sunglasses on as he pulls a silly face whilst packing two suitcases. The caption reads-Bahamas here we come!

"Noah" Finn says slowly, but I pay no attention. Millie? Jacob?


"G-guys" I stutter as I flip my phone around, everyone leans closer to see screen, their face falls at the sight.

"Wait" Sadie says sitting down,"She's going away with....Jacob?" She scoffs, almost in disbelief.

"The whole internet think their a thing now" Caleb shrugs.

"No way. Millie would have told us first... right?" Sadie says slowly.

"She's going with him" Finn says slowly in a low, raspy voice. His eyes glued to the floor almost as if he's deep thinking.

"We need to do something!" I exclaim standing up.

"What could we possibly do?" Gaten scoffs standing up with me.

"If she really wants to go, we can't stop her" Sadie shrugs as she stands up with Caleb and Finn.

"Unless" Finn says pausing,"He's planning something" Finn says slowly, we all look back at him in shock.

"Think about it" He exclaims,"He lead her away from the party to do god knows what. We- I stoped him before anything else happened" he continues.

"Yeah the night of Calebs party, but she forgave him" Sadie scoffs.

"What if, this time Jacob wants to take her out of the country, no more distractions...I mean come on- we all know this guy deflowers girls like it's some sort of game" Finn scoffs in disgust.

"Deflower?" Sadie quotes,"As in-" Sadie exclaims before she stops her self, the looks on are faces probably say it all. We all look back at her, not saying anything.

"And no one thought to tell her!" She exclaims in anger. I hate seeing her like this, but there was always the risk that she could tell Mills, and no matter how much I care for her, Millie could NOT find out. She would be devastated if she found out what Jacob was really like..

"We need to go" Finn says as he grabs his jacket, but before he manages to make it to the door I extend my hand and put him to a halt.

"Finn, there probably not over at his house anymore" I say calmly, trying to figure out this situation. If she leaves, she might not come back.

"They'll be at the airport" Finn says clicking his fingers, trying to take a step forward before I stop him again.

"We need to be rational here" I say gently.

"I'll rationally rip his head off if that's what you mean" Finn says raising both eyebrows. I scoff in amusement, no doubt about that.

"Noah" he says pausing, looking me dead in the eye,"I think I love her" he says quietly, taking everyone but me by surprise. Everyone scoffs in shock, Sadies jaw literally dropping to the floor but this was predictable. I mean, it was pretty obvious.

"I won't forgive myself if anything ever happened to her" he says slowly, everyone stares back at him in shock.

I nod my head slowly,"Let's go"


Don't get your hopes up.


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