Hey guys it's Annie. This isn't an actual chapter, bujt it's a preview of this book I had an idea of writing. I would still continue this story, but maybe just updat every other week instead of every week. But the chapters would be longer. So just comment please and tell me what you think. I don't know whether you would be interested in reading it. It would be another Harry story. I don't know a name for it so ideas for a name would be great too! This is like an early birthday gift from me, since my birthday is tomorrow! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! And I'm still gonna upload a new chapter on Sunday, I'm going to try to at least. So without further ado, my new maybe book!


Chapter One

“Annie, get down here!” I hear my mum scream up the stairs. “Your brother and his friends are almost here.”

“Coming.” I groan back, straightening my skirt. I’m meeting the boys for the first time and I’m super-duper nervous!

I should probably introduce myself. I’m Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister, Annie. I have blue eyes and bright red straight hair. I’ve never met the boys before, because I got sent off to boarding school last year and whenever Louis and the boys would visit I was there. I got sent there because… well let’s just say, I was a little crazy. Well am a little crazy. My brother has no clue and I don’t plan on telling him. He would freak. He still thinks I’m the innocent, virgin, little Annie he left behind. Well, I’m not. I dyed my hair while he was gone and he still doesn’t know about that. He is so overprotective it’s ridiculous!

My mom freaked when she found out all the things I did, and sent me off to America to boarding school for my senior year. Let’s just say, the boarding school isn’t as strict as my mom thinks. But I mean I’m not that crazy, I don’t know why she freaked out so much. I just like to party and hook up with boys. It doesn’t help that Louis never did anything wrong in my mom’s perspective.

I put on some eye liner, mascara, foundation, bright red lipstick, and some eye shadow and a bow headband and look in the mirror for a last minute look at myself. I haven’t seen Louis in a year and six months and I’ve changed completely.

I trudge down the stairs, not wanting to see my brother and get another lecture about how horrible of a person I am. I get down there and see not the guys, but my mom glaring at me.

“Really, Annie?” Mum asks.

“Yeah, really mum. This is what I’m wearing get over it.” I say as I sit down and pull out my phone. I see my brother tweeted saying he was close and how excited he was. I got a little excited reading that. I mean even if he would lecture me for what ‘I’ve turned into’, I still haven’t seen my old best friend in a year and a half and it was exciting to see him again.

“Don’t speak to me like that. I sent you there and I’m not afraid to send you there again.” She say and roll my eyes.

“You can’t send me there again, mum. I graduated and next year I’m moving to London and going to Parsons and then I’ll be out of your hair forever.” I say and text my best friend, Adam, about the party he’s throwing tonight. Adam is my best friend slash friend with benefits. It works out pretty well and it’s never awkward.

“You know that’s not what I meant. I don’t want you out of my hair, I just want you to get back to the old you.” She says and I feel anger bubble up in me.

“Because I’m not good enough now? Maybe the old me isn’t there anymore mum! And maybe if you can’t accept me for the way I am now, maybe I want you out of my hair.” I yell and I see the pain in her eyes. Good, because you can see the pain she and Louis have caused me on my wrist.

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