Chapter 7 - Meet Raya

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A massive sycamore caught my eye and in moments I had reached the trunk and was shimmying up. Once I was close to 20 feet in the air, I settled on a comfy thick branch and closed my eyes.... thinking about what to do now that I had an angry alpha after me. My life is nothing short of a fairy tale....

Poppy's POV

As I curled up in the treee comfortable hold, my mind drifted over all of the crazy things that had happened over the past few hours. My mind kept going back to Issac, why dud he call himself an Alpha... was he one of those werewolf people that Wattpad loves to write about. So mean he is pretty perfect in classic watpadian style. Tall, buff, growly and possessive alphas are the stuff of legends. Nah. He's not. Sadly werewolves aren't real. Maybe he belongs to a gang or something.

Just then my previously silent inner voice spoke up.
"You are so dense in the brain. He said he was an Alpha and he growls, no human man can do that. Besides he's our mate."
I stiffened. Ok now i've definitely gone crazy. I have a voice in my head that has now gone from a subtle imaginary friend voice to a real thing inside me.

Next thing I know, I lose my grip on the tree as the previously mentioned angry alpha shakes the tree. I shriek in surprise and fear as I start to fall. I shriek in  pain and terror as a burning ache spreads over my back. Then I'm not falling any longer. I'm hovering mid air, 5 feet off the ground. I feel air swishing around my back and glance over my shoulder. To my unbelieving eyes, there is a pair of delicate iridescent wings attached to my back. They flap in perfect harmony keeping me aloft in the air. I look around in utter disbelief, unsure of what to do or say or thing. Then my inner companion speaks up. "Finally my wings are out. Now we can be a real pixie instead of only being stuck in your mind."

I was unsure of what to do next until a pair of hands grasped my ankles and pulled me down out of my hovering spot in the air and into a pair of warm protective arms. Feeling overwhelmed and dazed, I didn't resist as my supposed mate fussed over me and the blood and torn shirt from my back. I was in shock as the voice I thought was only an imaginary friend reveals itself to be my inner pixie guiding me thru my life. All of the secret story's my beloved granny told me were true. My pixie was known as Raya. She reminded my of gramma story's and books about our kind. We were a rare and precious species of humans that had a magic from the earth. Raya told me all about how she helpedme cause so much chaos with our superpowers of aking mischief. Apparently it takes only the strongest if men to keep us safe and protected. That's why I have a real werewolf Alpha for a mate. Yes my friends, werewolf indeed are real. Oh ma stars. I so don't want to come back to my senses and face my angry mate right now. I'm going to stay in my head and talk to Raya forever.

Sadly Raya doesn't agree and goes off who knows were in my consciousness making me come back to my senses from my inner dialogue, only to realize I am in a bed, wrapped up in a blanket like a borrito laying next to an Alpha that has his arms and legs wrapped tightly around me.

"Excuse me sir, could you please let me go?" I ask Alpha Isaac.

"No, never, you are mine. Only mine.I will never let you go." He growls back.

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